Pros and Cons of straight talk

Straight talk is a popular mobile virtual network operator owned by TracFone. The operator is well known for offering cheap services. Examples of the Big Four cell network Straight Talk offers include Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT & T. the service plan has its pros and cons that are worth considering if you plan on being a subscriber. Here we discuss some of the merits and demerits of Straight Talk. Let’s get started.

Pros of Straight Talk

1. It offers a good deal. Straight Talk offers its subscribers a good plan and inclusions that make it attractive. As a subscriber, you will get to enjoy hotspot data. The Platinum Unlimited Data Plan also comes with 100GB of cloud storage.

2. It is available nationwide at Walmart. Straight Talk has the backing up of all major U.S. networks. You can easily sign up for the service plan online or in-store at any Walmart.

3. Straight Talk offers Free and low-cost phones that are available for sale. It offers its users the option of purchasing discounted phones when they need one that supports 4G or 5G network connectivity.

4. It offers its users flexibility. When using Straight Talk, you are guaranteed flexibility and freedom of choice. Straight Talk is an MVNO that rents service on the networks of larger carriers. In short, it runs on all major networks. It gives you the ability to choose whichever coverage suits you and is best in your area. For instance, you can get the T – Mobile service if you want to benefit from their extensive 5G service and select the Un-carrier option. Alternatively, if Verizon is better covered in your area, you can sign up with Straight Talk and still tap into Verizon 4G LTE network at a reduced rate. So long as you have a phone that can connect to these networks, you are guaranteed a good experience.

5. You get to enjoy a reliable wireless network. You get to access the 5G wireless network connection, an improved and reliable network connection. Here you can stream music, videos, movies, and games. You are assured of getting a great picture and sound quality with less stuttering or buffering. When you have a supported phone, you are guaranteed to enjoy the 5G data plans.

6. It is contract-free. Signing up for the Straight Talk service plan, you are guaranteed to enjoy and have a no-contract prepaid cell phone plan. You can switch to different plans or even cancel your service plan at any time without incurring any costs.

7. It offers fairly priced plans. The phone plans offered by Straight Talk are fairly priced. You also get the option to choose from the different tiers. For example, you can get 100MB of high-speed data, or you can even snag an unlimited package. Just imagine getting data caps with a generous 60GB allowance on an unlimited plan! You will most definitely be able to visit all your favorite social media sites and stream content all day long.

Furthermore, you get data plans from as low as $30.

8. 5G access. Currently, 5G is a known game-changer in wireless communication technology. The connection is being utilized in everything from your home internet to driver-less cars and drones. Anyone who has a 5G phone with compatible service gets to enjoy fast mobile internet speeds that may be 100 times faster than a 4G connection.

9. Mobile hotspot inclusion. Oftentimes, any hotspot data will require an additional charge, or the charges may be included in your main monthly data pool. With Straight Talk bundles, you get a mobile hotspot in your data plans which start from a 10GB/month package. You will also get hotspot allowances that start at 5GB and an unlimited data plan of 15GB.

10. You get an international plan option. Users with family and friends scattered globally get to enjoy several packages with international perks. You can get a Platinum Unlimited Data Plan which has access to more than 1000 countries. You can also get the Unlimited International Plan that gives you 25GB of high-speed data and calls to over 1000 locations.

Cons of Straight Talk

1. It suffers from slow data speeds at times. Straight Talk relies on four major network service plans. With this reliance, the optimal signal strength and speed of downloading and uploading are slow. Many users are dissatisfied with the speeds of upload and downloads. The download speed comes at about 5.1 Mbps with high-speed data still running compared to other MVNOs, which are at an average of 8 to 10 Mbps.

Such a limitation weighs down on all the selling points of Straight Talk as people prefer a good and fast network connection. At times its slow data speeds may not work for people who mostly use their phones for streaming.

2. Some customers complain about poor customer service. Straight Talk is notoriously known to lack response time towards customers. It is hard to reach a live person to assist. According to the J.D. Power and Associates survey, the service plan is low rated in the buying experience and customer care. Such rates place its customer service as weak.

Using automated assistance may be the best option for anyone looking for assistance as you wait for a live representative.

3. It does not offer any entertainment parks. When you use Straight Talk, you will not enjoy different varieties of perks, such as subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix or HBO Max. If you want to enjoy these services, you will have to sign up with major carriers like T-Mobile, AT & T, and Verizon.

4. It suffers from data DE prioritization. Like any other MVNOs, Straight Talk suffers from data DE prioritization by network carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT & T. most times, these carriers will cater to their customer needs before considering MVNOs users, especially when the network gets congested.

5. It lacks family and multi-plan discounts. One of the major limitations of Straight Talk is its limitations to family and multi-plan discounts. When you sign up for a multi-line package you get a bit of a discount. Keep in mind you will not be able to add your whole family to the plan to make extra savings.

6. The phones it offers with the financing can be costly

Straight Talk sells iPhones and Androids to users who are looking to get phones with supported network plans. The wide selection of phones has a purchase plan. You can get a 24-month financing plan on some devices if you cannot pay the full amount. It may not be 0% financing which can be costly in the long run.

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