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Pros and Cons of Office365

Office 365 is a Microsoft service that allows customers to use Microsoft Office on a subscription-based plan. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Skype, and SharePoint. It is available for both android and personal computer users.

Pros of Office 365

1. Secure: It limits information loss to viruses, hackers, and any other form of unauthorized access. Its cloud-based storage services enabled this. Users can create files and store them on remote servers. One can, therefore, still retrieve information in case of computer loss through theft, natural calamities, or any other vulnerability. It also has two-factor authentication, file encryption, and password.

2. Reliable: Users can access information stored from anywhere. This means you can access your documents from any device with an internet connection; thus, you can access documents from your office.

3. Promotes teamwork: It makes communication easier through tools such as outlook and Skype. Skypes enables teleconferencing with staff and other stakeholders. This also promotes cross-department collaboration between institution departments. Teams can also comment and review uploaded documents.

4. Predictable spend: Firms can budget since it’s a subscription service because of predictable spending. The cost depends on the functionality you choose; per-user payment also enables financial planning in terms of IT expenses.

5. Automatic upgrade: When Microsoft introduces a new service or program, you can access it once they launch it. They do these upgrades at predetermined intervals that save you from the stress of worrying about being on the latest version. This also saves on the cost of buying a new software version.

6. Business continuity: In case of theft or disaster in the office, physical damage to your devices or emails, you’ll still be able to retrieve your files from the cloud.

Because of the wide range of programs offered in the Office 365 plan, one can work with what they know best.

Cons of Office 365

1. Requires internet: It is difficult to access files without an internet connection; therefore, operations cannot occur whenever the internet is down.

2. Subscription-based: Its subscription-based services are not reliable since you have to worry about making payments monthly instead of making a one-time software purchase that could serve you for years. This makes it an expensive option for very many institutions.

3. It is hard to keep up with the dynamic behavior: Program features change frequently, you always have to relearn how to use them.

4. Most people don’t use office 365 to their full advantage: One has to pay for more than they need. Most firms only use its cloud storage and email features. However, they have to subscribe to the entire plan, which should not be the case.

5. Compatibility issue: Program update may not be compatible with your line of business operation since it does not tailor them for specific user needs. Company systems may not be compatible with this software.

6. Users don’t have privacy control: It provides remote hosting, which may not favor firms that deal with highly confidential data. It is hard to trust someone you’ve never met this such kind of information.

Office 365 is an important tool for any business since it enhances efficiency by boosting productivity, increasing profits for any business.

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