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Pros and cons of Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2

The market today has been clogged up by numerous smartphones to choose from. The user is left with the decision of his or her preference at the affordable cost. Asus Max Pro M2 is one of the options that may charm the user’s mind. It`s an android device with inbuilt security features and a non-surpassed user interface. This android device comes with a 6.26-inch screen. Its screen is fascinating for game lovers and movie fans. It brings to the list a 3GB RAM with 32 GB of storage or an equivalent 4GB RAM accompanied by 64GB or even a 6GB ram in other versions. Its battery is its strong point having a sweeping 5000mAh power capacity. The device also gives a terrific IPS LCD display having a full HD of 1080p. Some of its merits include:



1. Large battery capacity: It is powered by a 5000mAh battery. This is among the largest in the phone market even though it`s non-removable.

2. Has a gorilla touch screen: Its screen is protected from scratches and drops by a gorilla screen protector.

3. Has a compact set of sensors: Almost all sensors are installed on this device for enhanced user experience. These include: Face unlock, fingerprint, proximity, accelerometer, Gyroscope, ambient light and magnetometer sensors.

4. Runs on android 8.1 (Oreo android version): It comes with among the latest Android operating system platforms. This version also has a great user interface.

5. Preeminent storage: Its 64 GB storage and memory are wonderful for those who store lots of videos, games, music, and documents on their smartphone. Its 3GB or 4GB RAM will also offer a flawless multitasking capability for its users. The device also has large expandable storage up to 200GB. It also boasts of a dedicated SD card slot that allows for expansion.

6. Descent performance: Max Pro M2 has a QUALCOMM snapdragon OCTA-core processor with clock speeds of up to 1.97GHz. This is a good performance for an average phone user.

7. Superb connectivity: This gadget is well furnished with Wi-Fi Standards, GPS, Bluetooth v5.0, 4G LTE and dual SIM capabilities. Its 4G connectivity is very exciting for internet enthusiasts.

8. Outstanding camera: Its camera has LED flash in both front and back camera. Its rear camera supports 12 MP capture while its Front SELFIE camera wins a 13MP equivalent picture and video capture.

9. Sleek design: This smartphone also has the posh-polished lustrous exterior feel. It comes in blue or titanic color.

10. Enriched security features: Having Oreo as it’s Android version, a fingerprint mounted on its rear is good for security. There is also an excellent face unlock feature and not to mention password protection.

Its demerits include:



1. Lacks USB-type C: This device lacks USB- type C port interface which is good for faster data transfers between the smartphone and other devices.

2. Lacks wireless charging: Being the latest technology used for input of power into the device, Wireless charging reduces wear as there is no physical connection between your device and the charging component. It utilizes magnetic fields and has started being implemented by some smartphone companies. This device is however not among the wirelessly chargeable handset.

3. Slowed charging: The gadget uses USB 2.0 for charging which is usually slower. This might not sound good for impatient users who like to have their devices fully charged.

4. Relative expensive: The smartphone will require more funds to purchase and may not be that affordable to many.

5. Non-removable battery: Its battery is inbuilt which is a limitation to the user. To change it one has to open the interior with the help of a qualified expert.

6. Does not have android pie: Its Android version has been overtaken by a new Android operating system version called Pie. It may, therefore, lack some features enjoyed by pie users.

7. Relatively heavy: The smartphone device weighs about 171 grams which may be a setback to the owner.

8. Not ideal for dusty and humid environs: This device is not designed to comfortably cope with wet conditions and dusty places.

9. May warm during intense processing activities: Those who wish to play high-resolution games may be caught on the wrong-side by its heat up when the device is continually used to perform vigorous activities.

10. It`s not very dominant in the market: When compared to certain competitors like Samsung and Apple, this device has not fully founded itself within the liking of many people.

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