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Pros and Cons of R-Sim

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R-Sim is a method used for unlocking an iPhone which has been locked to one network or carrier. It acts like a little circuit and sits on top of your regular SIM in your iPhone device and unlocks your phone to enable you to use a network of your choice.

There are various versions of R-sim with R-Sim 12 being the current version released last year. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using R-Sim to unlock a locked phone.



1. Low price: The cost of buying the R-sim chip is very attractive especially in comparison with an official factory unlock price.

2. Safe: The unlock procedure doesn’t tamper or void the warranty of your iPhone device making it a safe way to unlock your phone.

3. Activate iPhones: R-sims have the ability to activate the locked iPhone device and allow you to use any network of your choice on the iPhone device.

4. Lock carrier: R-Sim has a function that locks the carrier, it is not only a universal unlock card but also the default unlock the card. It also allows you to lock the carrier and use a different sim card.

5. Compatible: R-Sim is compatible with all devices thus, any iPhone model can be unlocked perfectly well. Each R-Sim model works with the updated versions of the iOS device.

6. Effective: It works with a wide range of carriers in different countries. It has no changes and allows your iPhone device to work the same as a factory unlocked device in terms of SMS, calls, and data.

7. Easy to use: It is a relatively easy-to-use R-Sim card. There are clear instructions on how to enter the ICCID unlock code in the special RSIM menu on your iPhone.

8. New version for each iOS upgrade: R-Sim offers the customers a new chip for each iOS upgrade. It operates on an unlock-never-upgrade policy and it is widely available.

9. No need for the jailbroken device: R-sim does not require a jailbroken iPhone device to unlock the device.


1. Works for iPhones: R-Sim is specifically designed to unlock iPhone devices. It cannot work with Android or any other device.

2. Manual update: To update to the newest iOS, you have to manually enter the ICCID code for you to update the software. The code is free and available from the iOS website.

3. Temporary unlock: Apple keeps on changing the operation of its activation algorithm blocking all the devices using the R-Sim adapters. This makes all devices using the R-Sim chip dead and you have to wait for the newest version of R-Sim to unlock your device.

4. Not instant: R-Sim is a physical sim card that needs to be shipped to your location and it makes takes a few days before getting the card and unlocking your iPhone device.

5. Require skillful handling: The sellers of the chip provide the instruction manual on how to use the chip to ensure the effecting unlocking of the phone and also prevent any damage to the phone when placing or removing the chip.

6. Sim chip issues: Incorrect operation of the chip can lead to problems with the SIM card tray, errors when installing software patches, network errors, or internet problems.

7. Increased power use: R-Sim drains the battery fast due to the increased power consumption of the iPhone device.

8. Annoying carrier updates: Carrier updates will often pop up on your screen from time to time prompting you to update the patches which can have issues with your unlock code.

9. Scammers: Getting a trusted dealer to buy the chip may be difficult.
You need to be very careful when sourcing for the R-Sim chip to avoid being scammed.

10. Reduces resale value: R-Sim unlocks of the phone reduce its resale value compared to factory unlock which increases the iPhone resale value.

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  1. Laura R

    Awesome article! You mention in the Cons section that it can be hard to find a reliable source for R-SIM. After getting scammed on ebay (twice!), I finally ordered from the Gevey Store, they aren’t quite as cheap but at least what you’re getting is the real thing. For anyone else who wants to order real R-SIM, the site is

    1. admin

      Thank you for the info!

    2. Aj

      This is called “self promotion” !
      There are 100s of genuine sellers on eBay with high ratings and they sell genuine RSims for around $5 each!!

      Can you sell for that price???

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