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Pros and Cons of Samsung J7 Pro

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Samsung galaxy j7 pro has been popular with the young generations due to its classy, high-quality selfie camera and performance in low-light situations. Is Samsung J7 pro worth the price? Look at the following pros and cons before making the purchase decision.



1. Neat design: Samsung J7 pro is made of neat and classy design with excellent build quality. The phone has a tough metal back to withstand wear and tear, rounded edges, u-shape antenna bands, and a well-integrated camera module with no protruding bump at the back.

2. Fast and accurate sensor: The fingerprint sensor in J7 pro is fast and accurate. The home button act as the fingerprint sensor with up to a maximum of 5 imprints.

3. Performance: It performs well in a low light environment and has less consumption on the battery. It allows you to play HD games continuously without the phone warming up.

4. Selfie camera: It has a competitive front camera for taking high-quality selfies. You can apply beautification filters to the image before capturing it. The social mode feature allows you to easily share the picture captured to your social media contacts.

5. Samsung Pay: Samsung pay enables you to securely pay for goods and services from your smartphone.
It uses both MST and NFC technologies with multiple wallets to facilitate POS payments.

6. Good battery life: The phone has 3600mAh battery with a rated 3G talk time of 24 hours and a 3G browsing time of 12 hours.

7. Automatic brightness: J7 pro has an automatic brightness feature that auto-adjust the phone’s brightness. The AR mode allows the phone to recognize your surroundings.

8. AMOLED charms: The device has an S-AMOLED HD display which gives you crisp and sharp images as well as display vibrant colors.

9. Storage capacity: It has a high internal memory of 64GB with an approximation of 52GB available for use by the end-users.

10. Dedicated microSD card: Once you buy this phone, no hybrid sim slot since the phone comes with a dedicated microSD slot.


1. No fast charging: It will take you around two hours to completely charge the battery to 100%.

2. No glass protection: It doesn’t come with gorilla glass protection and back cover, therefore, you have to spend a couple of dollars to buy a back cover and tempered glass.

3. No backlit: The phone has no backlit on the navigation button or any LED notification light indicated.

4. Not water resistant: The phone is not water-resistant and once flashed with water it can affect the interiors of the phone.

5. No image stabilization: When taking a picture or video, you need to hold the phone without moving it otherwise you will take blur images since there is no image stabilization in the camera.

6. Relatively heavy: Compared to other models, J7 pro weighs 181g and 8mm thick making it relatively heavy.

7. Clock speed: Galaxy J7 pro has an octa-core processor with a clocking speed of 1.6GHz which is way below other competitive phone models.

8. Slow: It takes a few minutes to load the apps installed on the phone. The phone also has poor management of the RAM thus affecting the running of apps.

9. No USB Type-C charging port: Galaxy J7 doesn’t have a USB Type-C charging port. As the technology keeps on shifting, J7 pro is still using the Micro USB port.

10. No 4K Video resolution: J7 Pro doesn’t support 4K video recording as other competitive models. It only supports HD, VGA, FHD, and 1:1.

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