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Pros and Cons of Sky Q

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Sky Q is a hub that delivers content through two Sky Q mini boxes and two tablets simultaneously. It is offered as a de facto option to newcomers on Sky TV. Sky Q allows all the Sky+ users to switch to the new platform at reduced rates. The customers won’t even need a satellite dish.

Sky Q is a complete family of devices which incorporates enhanced elements of over the Sky+ boxes and other TV features to improve how we watch TV. Before you consider switching to Sky Q, consider the following pros and cons.



1. Flexible: It allows you to watch what you want when you want to and at any location of your choice. Different devices can view different content concurrently and have no limitation on where to watch your favorite channels.

2. Connect to other devices: You can extend your Sky Q experience by connecting it with a Sky Q Mini box, Sky Q Hub, and Sky Q apps which can be over mobile devices or connected to a Sky Q Touch Remote.

3. Advanced technology: In a few months, the customers will be able to access the Sky Q channels through broadband internet. Customers will only need a Sky Q app that works with their smart TV and no need for the satellite dish.

4. Record channels: It allows you to record up to 6 TV channels and save them on your mobile device to view them whenever you want to.

5. Integrated with a mobile device: The platform has integrated EPG that allows you to save certain programs via your mobile device and be able to view the programs offline.

6. Great content: It offers you great content, plenty of channels to view, impressive pictures, and quality sound.

7. Multi-room TV: This
premium TV system has multiple tuners to provide multi-room and multi-device viewing of content around the house.

8. Built-in Wi-Fi: Sky Q has a built-in Wi-Fi that makes it stand out in the market. This makes it easy to connect to the internet via its network created with the sky mini boxes.

9. Improved interface: It has an improved user-friendly interface that can be easily be customized based on users’ preferences. It can personalize the menu based on users viewing history.

10. Touch remote: You can use the touch-sensitive panel to swipe left, right, up, and down as you navigate through the Q’s redesigned menu.


1. Expensive: The cost of using the Sky Q TV may be very high especially if you want to watch 4K content via multiple rooms. The cost of the Sky Q bundle is high compared to the prices of other services.

2. Additional charges: Upgrading to Sky Q from an existing Sky you have to pay up to $75 for installation. Depending on the bundle you opt for, you can pay different prices for viewing certain content like sports and cinema.

3. Touchpad issues: The remote touchpad can be fiddly affecting your navigation through the menu.

4. Lose content: When upgrading from the Sky+HD you may lose content that is already stored in the skybox. Do a backup before installing Sky Q.

5. Limited recordings: Not all recordings can be transferred with the BBC to be viewed with your mobile device while on road.

6. Live fluid viewing not supported: Live TV does not support fluid viewing because it can only work with recorded shows which can be paused in one room then continue watching in another room.

7. Compatibility issues: The Mini boxes used for watching TV in multiple rooms are not compatible with the basic system unless you’re using Sky Q Silver.

8. Internet access: You need high internet speed to enjoy all the Sky Q features and services and a wireless network for multi-room use.

9. Connection Problem: The majority of Sky Q users experience internet connection problems when connected via the Q box.

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  1. Mattie

    When I has my Sky Plus HD Box I was able to put reminders in the EPG for future programmes. Two minutes before that programme was about to start, a reminder came up at the bottom of the screen telling me that my programme’s about to start. There isn’t this programme reminder option on Sky Q and I really miss it. This is an extremely useful feature and I used it all the time. Please add this feature to Sky Q. Thank you.

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