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Pros and Cons of the Apple Watch

Apple watch is one of the classy smartwatches you can use to track your health, catch notifications before their delivered to your phone and track any other activity. If you’re looking for Apple watch, consider the following pros and cons before making your purchase decision.



1. Sleek design: The design of smartwatch has always been an important factor to all iPhone watch users. The watch always has a sporty, sophisticated and classy look with rounded corners.

2. Scratch resistant: Apple watch has a solid construction and its display is scratch resistant. The sporty watch is made of aluminum material, whereas Apple watch edition is made of crystal display which makes it heavy and scratch resistant.

3. Band: Apple watch comes with a band and depending on the type of watch you’re using, you can swap the band/strap to suit your wardrobe or change depending on the occasion.

4. Water-resistant: The latest watch models are water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about your watch in case it comes into contact with water.

5. Bright screen: Apple introduced a bright screen on the current smartwatch to make it easy to read while in bright sunlight. It also has built-in Siri app which not only displays the message on the screen but talks back to you.

6. Apps and GPS features: Apple watch models have a fitness track which can track your health data. The watch can monitor your heart rate, your blood pressure or even record your exercises activities. It not only records but also alert you in case of irregularities in your health conditions.

7. Send and Receive calls: You can pair your smartwatch with iPhone 5 or 6 and receive calls or even make calls through the watch.

8. Reminders: The iPhone can be set to issue you with reminders of events or notifications for any scheduled activity.

9. Payment gateway: The watch can allow you to pay for goods using the apple pay app.

10. Send quick replies: You can receive notification on Facebook messages and send a quick reply through the watch.



1. Expensive: The price of buying apple watch is relatively high compared to the prices of other smartwatches.

2. Pairs with iPhone 5 or later: The Apple watch is compatible with iPhone 5 and above thus limiting the numbers of users using the watch.

3. Connection distance: You need to be within a distance of 30ft to connect the watch via the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi otherwise it will not work.

4. Battery life: Although the battery life depends on its usage, an Apple watch can last for a maximum of 18 hours. It also takes a long time to charge the battery which is common to all Apple products.

5. Slow: The watch takes sometimes to load third-party apps or when importing data from the iPhone using Bluetooth.

6Limited storage space: Apple watch provides limited storage space which is not enough to keep more videos or pictures locally.

7Over dependent on iPhone phones: Apple watch depends on iPhone GPS technology to send and receive calls. Most of the watch apps can only work within a short distance from the iPhone mobile device.

8. Falls short in an attempt to do many things: Although the watch is one of the best wearable devices, it is difficult to multitask. You cannot do too many activities for long without some faults.

9. Limited to iPhone: The watch can only be paired with iPhone devices.

10. Small screen: It is difficult to scroll through long messages on the screen.

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