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Pros and Cons of Upflash Toilets

Upflush toilets, also known as macerating toilets, were first discovered in Western Europe by Saniflo in 1958. An upflush toilet is a type of toilet one installs in a basement or a bathroom that lacks its drainage system or plumbing. This is helpful when renovating a room that was not initially a bathroom. Macerators cut, grind, mash and blend the waste into a semi-liquid slurry instead of pushing the waste. This type of toilet was discovered to make it easy for people to install bathrooms below pre-existing lateral lines.


Pros of up flush toilets

1. Easy to install: Something great about upflush toilets is that you can install them by yourself, minus prior plumbing knowledge. It takes about four hours to install the flush toilets, and the installation process is simple. Installing an upflush toilet involves minimum breaking and digging.

2. Saves you money: Upflush toilets save you money, unlike other toilets since they are easy to install and do not require plumbing. You can choose to install the up flush toilets by yourself instead of hiring a plumber to do it for you.

3. Long-lasting: Upflush toilets have a long life span. They can last for 10-15 years without replacing the mechanical components. This depends on how well you clean and maintains the upflush toilet.

4. Portable: Upflush toilets can be easily moved since they don’t require plumbing or their drainage system. They can be uninstalled by simply unscrewing a few bolts.

5. Easy to add sink and shower: The flush system makes it easy to add a sink and a shower anywhere to create a full bathroom.

6. Easy to maintain: Upflush toilets do not require full maintenance since all the mechanical components come sealed and ready to work.

7. Comfort: Upflush toilets are not different from the standard toilets in size, appearance, comfort, and stability.

8. Warranty: Upflush toilets come with a three years manufacturer’s warranty. They can be returned to the manufacturer if they are of poor quality for replacement.

9. Compact size: Because of its small size, it can be installed in a small bathroom or any free space, thus saving space.

10. Can be installed anywhere (even temporarily): Unlike traditional toilets, flush toilets allow you to add a bathroom anywhere. Rooms, basements, or any space in your home can be easily transformed into a bathroom. You can also install a temporary bathroom since the up-flush toilets are portable.


Cons of upflush toilets.

1. Unpleasant odor: Upflush toilets can smell bad when scale develops in the tank. This happens when the minerals mix up with waste because of the small amounts of water in the tank. The tank is supposed to be regularly descaled to avoid this.

2. Cannot work without power: Upflush toilets can not be used when there is no power because the pump uses power to work properly. However, you can use a generator to solve this.

3. Costly: Upflush toilets cost more to purchase compared to standard toilets.

4. Must be flushed daily: Upflush toilets are supposed to be flushed at least once per day to avoid the tank from losing Its prime.

5. Noisy: Upflush toilets might be noisy because of their macerating systems and separate pumps.

6. Easily get clogged: Upflush toilets easily get clogged thus require frequent repair and maintenance, unlike the standard toilets.

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