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Pros and Cons of Video Games

Video games have been in demand over recent years. More games are being released every day and they not only help you relax but also have a lot of health benefits.



1. Improve reasoning skills: When a player plays a game with more interest, he improves his gameplay techniques. He is also able to use logic and reasoning skill to predict his next step of action in a composed manner.

2. Creativity: There are video games which enhance brain flexibility and they require constant thinking and players input. This games can improve your creativity and learning capability.

3. Team skills: In team-based multiplayer games, you can learn teamwork skills as you complete the game with other teammates.

4. Winning ability: Video games teach you not to give up. When playing, you might find it difficult to cross a certain level and encourages you to keep trying. In real life, you must not quit any particular task if you fail. You have to try again until you win.

5. Keeps you happy: Playing video games not only help you reduce stress but also holds all your tension for some time making you happy. The more you keep playing the more you become happy.

6. Problem-solving: Video games are exceptionally good and can enhance your problem-solving skills. Playing various strategic video games, you can learn how to engage your brain and how to overcome different problems.

7. Slow down aging: Video games helps retain clarity and sharpness of your brain functionality. This makes you active and reduces the risk of depression thus slowing the aging process.

8. Helps in decision making: Video games improves your decision making. In video games, you have limited time to cross several levels and this prompts to act faster by taking the right path to complete each level quickly. This gives you the courage to make decisions in real-life.

9. Improve visual skills: Video games enable the brain to process certain visual information through high-resolution quality images. This helps you improve your visual ability which can help in crucial areas like driving at night.

10. Overcome dyslexia: To win a video game, you have to be completely focused and pay full attention to the game. You can adopt this strategy in real life by focusing on your work to quickly and correctly do it well.



1. Addiction: You may end up addicted and spend a lot of time playing games instead of doing other activities.

2. Poor social skills: If your company is only video games then it will result in poor social skills. Gamers often play by themselves and this can lead to social isolation.

3. Lead to obesity: If video games are the only source of entertainment and no other form of exercise done, it will lead to obesity and increase the risk to other health issues. Video games are sedentary and you have to sit for long hours playing the games.

4. Limit academic process: Kids who play video games at a free time may struggle to keep their grades up because most of the time they rush through their homework in order to get time to play or sometimes ignore deadlines.

5. Create psychological stress: If you let your child play video games for more than 3 hours in a day, it will affect the child’s development and lead to social anxieties, self-esteem issues, and some mental disorder.

6. Financial consideration: The gaming equipment is very expensive, some video games need subscription services and the cost for each video game. All these add some financial constraints to your budget.

7. Isolation from family: Spending hours on the computer screen affects your relationship with your family. It affects your bonding with children and other family members.

8. Violent: Violent video games are linked to increased aggressive behavior to those who play the games.

9. Increase anxiety: Video games not only combat depress and anxiety, but it can also exacerbate these conditions. Students who spend more than two hours playing video games may show symptoms of depression.

10. Insomnia: Spending a lot of time on the screen playing games can distract your mind and cause sleep problems.

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