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Pros and Cons of Xbox One

Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment system developed by Microsoft. It is a home video game console that emphasizes cloud computing and social networking features.

Xbox One is an improvement of the Xbox 360 console and allows you to experience a truly immersive gaming world.

The console has 4K capabilities with an internal power supply and great design. It supports a large storage volume of 1TB and an internal memory of 12GB GDDR5 RAM.



1. Cloud services: Xbox One takes advantage of cloud computing resources and offers full benefits of Microsoft cloud services. Users will be able to get unlimited cloud storage also allows users to pair their accounts with a OneDrive account.

2. Share screenshots: It allows users to share screenshots from the gameplay or record the video clips and share them through the social network.

3. Offline games: You can play games via the local area network instead of playing through the console. If you have Windows 10 supported device, you can play the games on the console.

4. Reliable services: Xbox one has a more reliable multiplayer service, high computing power. You can play the games in performance mode and make you feel that you’re playing the game directly from your computer.

5. Wide application: The console can be used in playing Blu-ray discs and overlaying television programs and more powerful consoles in the market.

6. Smooth gaming experience: It provides a smooth frame rate offering users a great viewing experience. It is a built-in 4K Blu-ray player which provides you with a 4K gaming experience.

7. Multitasking: Xbox one allows you to switch between different screens. Pressing the controller button while watching TV or playing the game.

8. User-friendly interface: Xbox one is easy to use and its interface console has a separate home, store, community, entertainment, and mixer tab. It allows users to pin their favorite games on the home screen.

9. Kinect sensor: Xbox console is implementing the use of Kinect which is a depth-sensing camera. It also allows you to issue voice commands by using dragon shouts. As the technology keeps on advancing, expect more use of Kinect in your Xbox One console.

10. Quiet console: It has a competent hardware console that allows you to run the game in a quieter and cooler manner.



1. Expensive: It costs $499 which is very expensive compared to the prices of other gaming consoles.

2. 4K video support: It requires you to have a 4K supported Television otherwise, it will be of no use. It also doesn’t support cable-cutters and you can’t input antenna for over-the-air signals and Microsoft doesn’t offer local channels via the internet protocol TV (IPTV).

3. Virtual reality: Xbox one is built in 4K Blue-ray play and it doesn’t support virtual reality.

4. Set-top box control: You can’t control the set-top box stored DVR media using the Xbox One. The DVR media capabilities are only available for live content. The recorded content can’t be managed.

5. TV integration: Xbox one TV integration is only available in the US, it hasn’t been launched into other markets.

6. Used games: If you want to lend a friend a game, they have to log into your account and play for free or pay if they want to play on their own Xbox device.

7. Privacy: Having your emotional data informed of facial recognition and heart rate recorded using Next-generation Kinect and stored in Microsoft servers raises a privacy issue. Hackers can tap into the network and snoop players’ details.

8. Parent type: This Microsoft console requires PropertyBagParentType definitions like files, folders, and web for your game to run smoothly. You need to specify the object to which the property bag belongs.

9. Region-locking: Xbox one uses region locking to geographically lock down games. All games must meet country-specific regulations in order to be viewed through Xbox.

10. Paid online services: You have to pay for all online Xbox services. You can’t play games freely from the console.

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    it cost to much to even play a game. it uses up your wifi data were not talking mb were talking gb of are on data! that cost so much a month

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