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Pros and Cons Of 2019 Yamaha Fzs V3

The 2019 Yamaha FZS V3 was launched in India. It is India’s best-preferred motorbike as it comes with a lot of improved features. It has an engine power of 149cc, travels with an average speed of 109 km/h and mileage of about 45 kmpl.

Buying 2019 Yamaha FZS V3 will make you enjoy the following advantages;



1. Comfortable: 2019 Yamaha FZS v3 is very comfortable to riders as they enjoy a lot of features added to the bike like the rider can set the seat to a height he or she is comfortable with.

2. Speed: These bikes travels with an average speed of 109km/h. Travel with this speed especially on highways assures the biker that he or she will reach the destination on time.

3. Great engine: The Yamaha FZS v3 has a 149cc engine that comes with blue cone technology. This refines the engine and hence makes it perform well and keeping mileage level up all the times. The rider can go to a top speed of around 40km/h at top gear and a speed of around 120km/h on the highway due to the highly refined engine.

4. Design: The 2019 Yamaha FZS V3 is built in such a way that it is attractive in its design. It has an extended tank and of different colors. It has huge rear tires which makes it much attracting in its outward appearance.

5. Easy handling: The way the suspensions and the frame are set makes the Yamaha FZS v3 excellent as it allows the rider to make sharp turns in all directions very comfortably.

6. Great quality: The Yamaha FZS V3 is made in very great quality. It comes with a single channel anti-lock braking system which is dual. It has a fully digital LCD instrument cluster, single piece single-piece seat with two levels.

7. Highly modernized: The Yamaha FZS V3 comes with new modernized futures like odometer reading, trip meter, fuel gauge, speedometer and tachometer reading located at the top of the headlight which is easy to read even when riding at top speed.

8. High fuel efficiency: It comes with a reshaped fuel tank which is a bit bigger and a new sharper extension below it. It has a 149cc, single cylinder fuel injected and therefore does not consume a lot of fuel.

9. Lighter: The Yamaha FZS V3 is made in a way that it is not heavy. It has a tank that only carries 12 liters of fuel. The overall weight of this bike is 137kg which makes it much easier to handle by any person even in traffic jams.

10. Good mileage: The Yamaha FZS V3 uses 149 cc engine which returns not less than 40kmpl mileage in tough conditions and 50kmpl on highways. It achieves its top figure while riding at a speed of around 75 km/h in gears three or four.



1. Expensive: The Yamaha FZS is very expensive in terms of buying price and maintenance. Its .spare parts are hard to get and it is mainly found in the Yamaha showrooms which makes it costly especially when you live in remote areas it will be costly to reach the spare

2. Poor headlight: The 2019 Yamaha FZS V3 has poor headlight which makes riders have a major problem of riding in darkness as they strain a lot to see and therefore becomes very discouraging tonight travels.

3. Slow to pick up: The 2019 Yamaha FZS V3 takes time before catching up to accelerate at high speed and therefore not suitable for use as speed bike.

4. Less powerful: These motorbikes do very well at medium speed but when reaches top speed its performance becomes weak as they have maximum power and torque of only 13.2 HP and 12.8 Nm.

5. Requires high maintenance: Most parts of Yamaha FZS V3 breaks up most often and hence it is advisable to repair the bike whenever it experiences a small problem to prevent it from getting an even bigger problem that it would bring difficulties in repairing.

6. Poor breaks: Yamaha does not have an option with disc brakes. It is fitted with drum brakes which need to be tuned every 15 -20 days.

7. Overheating: The engine gets very hot as the 2019 Yamaha FZS V3 lacks proper cooling system. This may cause the engine to misbehave like failing to move at top speed and also failing to pass through rugged terrain.

8. Has a hard rear suspension: The Yamaha FZS V3 has a hard rear suspension which makes the riders have a back pain especially if they ride over a long distance. This makes the Yamaha FZS V3 very discouraging for long journey riders.

9. Lack kick starts: The Yamaha FZS V3 lacks a kick start option which is like a must for all motorbikes. Some people prefer kick start as a sometimes automatic start could fail especially when the battery runs low.

10. Noisy: 2019 Yamaha FZS V3 is very noisy especially when it goes past a speed of 60km/h. This causes sound pollution especially in places that require total silence like in hospitals.

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