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Pros and Cons of Driving vs. Flying

Everyone dreams of having the ultimate vacation experience. However, the hurdle is deciding whether to fly or drive. Your final decision should depend on factors such as; how much do you want to spend? Where are you traveling to? Below is a comprehensive list of factors to consider when you are in a dilemma about flying or driving.

Pros of Driving vs. Flying

1. You’re in charge: A vacation becomes truly memorable when people have greater freedom. Driving is more fun because you will take things at your own pace. You have the chance to travel at your speed and your schedule.

2. No airplane food: Driving gives you the freedom to eat whatever foods you want and from whatever restaurants you want. You will have a variety of foods to pick from.

3. You can take as much luggage as you like: Flights typically charge high prices for pieces of luggage; however, with your means, you can fill your vehicle to the brim with lots of large suitcases. There will be no luggage fees, size, or weight limits.

4. Total radio control: One significant advantage of driving is that you will have total control over the music you want to listen. Unlike flying, you can sing along to your favorite songs comfortably or even turn the radio off when you want total silence.

5. Easier to pack: Packing for a drive is pretty easier than packing for a flight. Flying has its own set of packing considerations, i.e., your luggage should be portable and so on. Also, flight companies will charge you expensively for a single bag.

6. Driving allows you to explore the environment: It is easy to get better sights and discoveries when driving compared to Flying. Drives will enable you to see many incredible sceneries that will broaden your horizons. You can stop along the way to get a closer view of a site when driving.

7. Sometimes driving is cheap: It depends on the number of miles you can cover or how far your destination is. There’s no need to travel by air when you are moving from a not far away town. Tickets can be costly.

8. No inconvenient travel times: Of course, driving will probably take forever before you reach your destination, but at least the schedule will be loose. There will be no inconveniences like arriving at the airport some hours earlier.

9. You have all the space to yourself: Since you own the car, you have the pleasure of choosing who should sit next to you. It is much more interesting than being placed next to a dirty person on the plane.

10. You won’t need to pay for public transport or Uber once you reach: Flying will have you renting a car and paying for its insurance since you cannot walk everywhere. With your means, you will not get stressed about getting private means like Uber and Taxis or public ones like buses and trains.

11. Your belongings are safe: Driving will give you peace of mind because you have all your belongings with you, so you are sure they are safe. Flying on the flip side is risky since your luggage can get lost in transit. Moreover, there might be delays due to weather changes, and the attendants may fail to deliver your items on time.

Cons of Driving vs. Flying

1. Driving takes a lot of time: Even though you will spend a lot of time at the airport before the plane takes off, driving is more time-wasting. You will take longer to move from point A to point B. It will force you to book hotels for overnight stays and meals.

2. Driving can be expensive: You will spend most of your funds on fuel charges, parking fees, and vehicle maintenance fees. Remember, you also need to stop somewhere for lunch, deal with extra costs that may pop while on the way, and pay for services like hotels.

3. Driving is exhausting: Driving is a good option; however, you should consider how far your destination is. Driving for long periods can make you tired or sleepy, affecting your concentration while on the road.

4. Driving is more dangerous: Although the fear of Flying is commonly known as the fear of driving, driving is much riskier. Flight is one of the safest forms of travel; road accidents often occur, unlike plane crushes.

5. Driving may not be an option for very long distances: If you plan to go for a holiday overseas or in a different country, Flying would be more appropriate. You cannot use your car for distances beyond thousands of miles.

6. You will have to contend with the weather and other road hazards: Before driving, you need to map out the routes in advance to avoid getting lost in a new town. You may also have to deal with adverse weather changes road hazards like construction zones and rough terrains.

7. You need to do most of the planning on your own: Before driving, you need to plan the routes you will use and where you will stay overnight. With Flying, you are good to go as long as you get to the airport at the appropriate time. Failure to plan earlier will make you waste a lot of time or even get lost.

8. The price of gas or fuel can add up: Fuel prices vary as you move across different towns. Fluctuating fuel prices will make a driver worried.

9. You cannot do most activities while driving: Unless you are the passenger, you will not enjoy the journey pretty well. You may fail to notice sites or enjoy your new environment. Flights are more appropriate for simply relaxing.

10. There is no time to relax: Unlike Flying, where you sit back, relax and enjoy, driving has many responsibilities. There is no time to sleep, eat, fantasize or watch a movie because your whole mind is definitely on the road. Flying is pretty relaxing and makes you enjoy your vacation even more.

11. You cannot access other areas of the continent: Some destinations might be impossible to reach via car. On the other hand, Flying will cover more territory in less time. In addition, it is also more economical to reach faraway destinations on flights than when driving.

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