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Pros and Cons of Duramax

Duramax has been part of our lives since its inception in 2001. It is a brand that has been echoed to be reliable and durable. Duramax has been a competitive brand in the market fighting the like of Cummins and Powerstroke engines. The main reason most diesel brands are constantly in use is the fact that they are durable and are great in hauling heavy items. Duramax has also been equipped with a complex mechanism design that goes way further to enhance and increase its use. However, all in all, Duramax has a wide range of pros and cons. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Pros of Duramax:

1. Long lasting: Duramax is designed to last longer. This long-lasting ability makes it the most sort after the engine. It is this long lasting ability that makes them more popular all over the world.

2. It is effective and efficient: Duramax, as the name goes denotes maximum durability which allows vehicles to move easily and smoothly. It ensures higher efficiency throughout your journey.

3. Offers great trailing: Do you have a trailer to move around? If yes, then Duramax is all you need. It is an efficient thread that maintains high performance of hauling power.

4. Quality brakes: Duramax has great exhaust brakes that allow you to break with ease thus reducing the wear and tear which is a regular thing in many breaking systems. This makes the engine a safe one to use.

5. High speed: This engine offers and sustains the best kind of speed that is needed by a vehicle without any problems. It is well made to withstand high temperatures for longer periods of time.

6. Economical in the long run: Duramax is a cheaper option to go with and a great way of saving on maintenance costs.

7. Increased performance: This is due to the fact that Duramax has a cold-start system which is an effective cold weather condition feature.

8. B20 compatible biodiesel: This is an advantage as it causes an increase in pressure which in turn boost horsepower and torque.

9. Good resale value: Duramax engines and threads are durable something that makes them highly valuable during resale as they last much longer.


Cons of Duramax:

1. Duramax is a rare brand: It is not easy to find a Duramax diesel engine. They are not common to the interior parts of most countries, most are found in bigger cities and towns.

2. Pump rub issues: This is one of the common cons of Duramax. It should be well addressed to avoid multiple wears and tear effects.

3. Injector repairs: A lot of the designs were made between 2001-2004 hence it makes the design flaw prone thus calling for continuous repair every now and then. This is expensive.

4. Expensive to repair and fix: Changing the injectors can be very expensive hence making Duramax as a brand a very expensive thread.

5. Pricey fuel: Duramax saves a lot of costs however, diesel is always priced higher than gasoline. This makes the daily use of Duramax an expensive venture to try.

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