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Pros and Cons of Hummer H3

We all love huge and lovely cars that do not only showcase strength but also class and elegance. There is a brand of the motor vehicle that meets all these needs-it is the Hummer H3. It is a product of the AM general that has been with us since 1983. Hummer H3 was launched in 2010 and since then no new model has been made. With that in mind, one may ask, do hummer H3 have any pros and cons? Yes, like many other vehicles they do and here are some of them.



1. Great tires: Hummer H3 has this best feature that allows you to run on two flat tires for more than 30 kilometers at a relative speed of 20 kilometers per hour. This can save you some time to get to the mechanic.

2. Unique lighting system: Hummer H3 has this special lighting on the roof that gives you a better view whenever you are using the vehicle at night. The lights are at the exterior and rare end of the cabin thus offering great vision at night.

3. Double fuel tanks: You are planning to go on a long trip? Then this double fuel tank feature of the hummer H3 is the best for you. It ensures you have enough fuel for as long as you want.

4. Information Center: The hummer H3 has this unique driver information center that sends warnings to the driver in case of any road problems. It is a great feature that ensures you are secure all the way through.



1. Costly: Acquiring a Hummer H3 is not a walk in the park. It is an expensive vehicle that needs to be maintained well. One, therefore, needs to be well prepared financially before getting one.

2Hard to drive: It is not easy to drive a seven feet wide vehicle, this calls for one to learn and get used to it something that takes time.

3. Too wide: This is another con of Hummer H3 as it poses problems when it comes to parking, driving on narrow roads and fitting its garages.

4. Hire insurance: It is always expensive to insure an expensive vehicle like the Hummer H3.

5. High maintenance costs: The fact that it is not easy to acquire a Hummer H3, it is similarly expensive to maintain the car-This cost ranges from spare parts, fuel and many other costs.

6. Pollutant: Hummer H3 is always prone to making a lot of noise, this makes it a disadvantage especially where people like quietness.

7. Cannot carry a lot of cargo: This car has a wide space but in the inside, it is not enough to carry loads or cargo. This makes it a disadvantage if you are intending to carry some cargo on your way.

8. Hard to control: Hummer H3 can be hard to control when one needs any emergency braking in difficult situations due to the fact that it has massive weights, something that makes it dangerous to use.

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