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Pros and Cons of F 150 Aluminum Body

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Car manufacturers commonly use aluminum to maximize fuel economy and reduce cars’ weight. Ford uses aluminum body parts to make a strong F-150 pickup making it the most best-selling vehicle.

Ford F-150 has a tough-nosed design, great resale value, and a number of luxurious features. Learn more on the benefits and limitations of the vehicle before making your buying decisions.



1. Strength: The new F-150 aluminum body is made of high-strength steel material with a military-grade aluminum alloy to make it strong. The alloy is a combined metal that provides extra strength needed in building military vehicles and aerospace.

2. Fuel economy: Using aluminum alloy reduces the weight of the vehicles as well as improving the fuel economy. The new aluminum F-150 vehicle is more fuel-efficient.

3. Fast pickup: Ford F-150 pickup has a new 10-speed automatic transmission which enhances the performance of the vehicles making them more powerful.

4. Towing enhancement: It uses trailer sway controls to pull the load. The smart trailer tow connector enables you to keep tabs on the trailer’s lights.

5. Dent resistant: Ford F-150 pickup body parts are designed to be dent-resistant and the paint is applied using a new process to reduce premature paint issues and corrosion of aluminum body parts.

6. Uses Raptor model: The new truck has standard FOX racing shocks to produce more power and a complex 4WD system.

7. Potent 3.5L EcoBoost engine: With a 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet torque, you have a more powerful vehicle. The additional torque enables the vehicle to pull a heavy load.

8. FX4 off-road package: Although optional, the FX4 off-road package provides an extra degree of ruggedness to F-150. This allows you to take full advantage of the pickup in handling the harsh terrain, drive through remote campsites or enjoy your weekend hunting and go on road trips.

9. Luxurious features: Ford F-150 is equipped with user-friendly Sync3 touchscreen system, amplified Sony sound systems, leather upholstery, and panoramic sunroof among other features.

10. Family vehicle: It has ample space to accommodate your family. The full-size doors make it easy to get in the pickup.



1. No manual transmission: Ford F-150 uses automatic transmission and if you prefer a manual transmission, you will be forced to pick another truck from a different manufacturer.

2. No diesel engine: The truck does not have a diesel engine which enables drivers to save more on fuel and have extra pulling power.

3. Corrosion: Premature corrosion and paint issues are the most common problems associated with aluminum body parts.

4. Aluminum body repair: Although aluminum saves on weight, repairs on the vehicle made of aluminum body parts are more expensive and difficult to repair. The repair costs are competitive with other pickup trucks.

5. Expensive: Aluminum is more expensive in its raw state compared to steel thus making an added cost of $500 per F-150. This increases the initial cost of the truck compared to other truck designs.

6Higher insurance cost: Due to the high costs of repair, aluminum vehicles cost more to insure.

7Long repair time: Repairing aluminum trucks takes long compared to repairing steel trucks. Proper tools and training are required to do a perfect repair on aluminum body parts that rust easily.

8. Oxidation of raw aluminum: When a raw aluminum material is exposed, it becomes oxidized making it appear cloudy and weak.

9. Metalwork tools: Aluminum requires a whole set of metalwork tools to avoid contamination of aluminum body parts with other body parts.

10. Special repair shops: Manufactures recommend special clean repair shops for aluminum vehicles and trained personnel.

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  1. Truck and Body

    Hey, it feels good to know the merits and demerits of an aluminum body. I am looking for a truck fabrication so I am trying to make my concept clear.

  2. Rick Jones

    I didn’t know that aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of a vehicle. Perhaps I can get a truck that is made this way. It would be easier to drive because it wouldn’t be as heavy.

  3. Ricky

    Aluminum dents and punctures more easily…this is due to the softness. An alloy can make it stronger but doesn’t change hardness. Thus, the Chevy truck-bed commercials are true. Youtube has a video of a guy literally tearing off the radio antenna from the body like tissue paper. Stick with Steel. The other truck makers did.

  4. TW

    Ricky, the other truck makers did not stick to stick to steel.
    They are moving to Aluminum as well. GM has aluminum doors, tailgate, hoods.

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