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Pros and Cons of Jaguar F-Pace

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Jaguar F-pace is a luxury, spacious and high road performance car which gives a lasting impression to the users. The vehicle is fitted with high performing V6 engine which makes it more efficient on and off the road.

This article provides you with detailed pros and cons of the vehicle to help understand more about the model and make right buying decisions.



1. Elegant design: Jaguar F-pace is stylish, sleek and curvy. The vehicle exterior has front-end reminiscent of the XE making it more attractive to the eyes.

2. Spacious cargo area: Jaguar F-pace is more spacious compared to other vehicles of the same class. You can adjust the seats to create more space. The backseat is also more spacious.

3. High ground clearance: Jaguar F-pace is suitable for off-road adventure. You don’t have to worry when driving in areas with potholes since it has high ground clearance.

4. Fun to drive: F pace V6 engine is more powerful making you feel like you’re driving the Jaguar sports car. The AWD allows you to maintain stability in tough terrains.

5. Cost-effective: Compared to other vehicles of its class, Jaguar f pace is cheaper and has competitive features. The car has turbocharged engines and luster horsepower.

6. Off-roading: Due to its high ground clearance, F pace is more effective in off-roading. Its design includes Land Rover off-road technology thus, you can easily drive in steep hills or in rocky surfaces.

7. Diesel engine option: F pace has 20d diesel engine makes the vehicle fuel-efficient. This enables the vehicle to produce 180 horsepower and 318 pounds of torque.

8. InTouch pro touchscreen: F pace model comes with an In-touch touchscreen interface that allows you to customize the screen menu for fast response. It has the best user-friendly interface with easy-to-read buttons.

9. Driver assistance options: You can receive speed limit notifications on the touchscreen, get warnings on any forward collisions, automated parking system as well as use adaptive cruise control among others.

10. High towing capacity: It is not only a luxurious vehicle but also has a towing capacity of 5290 pounds which isn’t found in any other SUV of its class.



1. Noisy engines: The Jaguar F pace exhaust and cabin can be a bit noisy and if you’re looking for a quiet ride, f pace is not the best.

2. Fuel efficiency: V6 powerful engine results in more consumption of gas thus, it is not fuel economical. To obtain more powerful road performance, you need to sacrifice the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

3. Reliability: F-pace has a predicted reliability score of 2/5 which makes it the lowest score compared to scores of other SUV.

4. Rearview camera: The F-pace base model does not come with a rearview camera which can result in safety issues.

5. Parking sensors: The sensors mostly work well when the car is in reverse mode whereas the front sensors work by pushing an extra button on the infotainment touchscreen.

6. Poor ride quality: Since f-pace offer firm ride, the car makes up for the firm ride through a well-crafted suspension and the crisp steering.
The 22-inch big wheels fitted in the vehicle makes suspension stiff.

7Poor infotainment system: The screen interface is poor at responding to users commands and has inconsistent integration with your smartphone app. The control keys can inconvenience you.

8. Acceleration: Compared to other SUV vehicles of the same class, F-pace has low acceleration rate.

9. Interior quality: Although the seats are comfortable, the quality of the interior material is not as those of German competitors.

10. Crash test results: There is no documented information on the safety of the vehicles since they have not undergone testing by the National Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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