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Pros and Cons of Wagon R

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Wagon R has been a huge success and has come a long way while maintaining its core USPs. It maintains its Kei car heritage design. The current Wagon R has similar traits as those of its predecessor which includes a large glasshouse, tall height, and a stubby nose.

The vehicle is available in petrol and CNG options and is pocket-friendly compared to other hatches in its class. Look at the following pros and cons before making your buying decision.



1. Design: It is a perfect car with a tall boy design making the car narrow but also tall. The large headlamps give this hatch a docile face. It is a practical hatch in every sense of the word and gives more importance to its function than the form.

2. Space: It has a spacious hatchback compared to other models of its class. The tall design makes the car have more space especially in the cabin and in the headroom.
The large legroom allows hefty build people to easily fit at the front and rear seats.

3. Fuel efficient: Wagon R is fuel economical and the Peppy petrol engine has the right amount of power needed to drive around the city.

4. Performance: The performance is quite good and has an optional AMT which ups the convenience quotient of the vehicle making it easy to drive. The vehicle is fitted with optional airbags and ABS across all the trims.

5. Comfortable driving: The driver can adjust the large steering wheel for rake angles to allow you to have a comfortable driving.

6. Car safety: The car is fitted with ABS to improve its safety on the road.

7. Cost-effective: The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is worth the money. It has excellent gas mileage, engine performance, has a low turning radius making it effective for driving in city traffic. The maintenance cost of the vehicle is affordable.

8. Infotainment system: It has an integrated music system with manual controls for air conditioning. It has easy-to-reach and operates dials and switches.

9. Powerful brakes: Although the brakes may feel spongy, they break effectively giving an instant effect as well as remaining more powerful.

10. Effective EPS: Wagon R has an effective electronic power steering (EPS). It is much better than the Santro and i10.



1. Poor suspension: The shock absorbers and suspensions are made of poor quality making you have a bumpy ride. You also feel less comfortable on rough roads.

2. Engine noise: The engine noise is filtered into the cabin making the vehicle produces a lot of noise when driving at a speed of 90km. The NVH levels used are not the best.

3. Small tires and Rims: The Wagon R LXI uses Rims of 13inch with a tire tread width of 145 mm making it unsuitable for the vehicle and discriminatory as compared to the size of tires fitted in VXI model.

4. Low-quality interior material: The interior parts of the vehicle are made of low-quality fabric material which gives a black look. It also has a low-quality dashboard.

5. Gear issue: The gears may get stuck when the car is reversed. The reverse and the first gear are very hard and mostly get smooth after driving for about 5000 to 6000KMs.

6. No enough shoulder room: Due to its narrow and tall design, there no enough shoulder room for the driver and co-passenger.

7. Poor build quality: The light sheet metal used to build the body of the vehicle picks up dent with just a slight touch.

8. Not suitable for sharp turns: The design poses a big challenge when taking sharp turns.

9. Competition: The vehicles come in either petrol or CNG options or both and the competitor’s models of the same class provide diesel variants.

10. Audio system: Wagon R doesn’t have the best audio system.

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