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Pros and Cons of X-Pipe

X-pipes are mid-pipes built with a crossover X shaped design across an exhaust stream. The X-pipe balances the combustion gases outflowing from the header collector and streamline exhaust gasses through the rest of the system.

When building the horsepower drag machine, there are various choices you can make. If you’re seeking to have a high-end horsepower in the rpm band, then the X-pipe will be ideal for you. Although most of the Mustang enthusiasts make choice based on sound, you have to keep power into consideration.



1. Increased speed: More torque and high-end performance in the modern X crossover pipe design boost the car speed thus making the design ideal for high-end exotic sports cars.

2. Performance: It helps in balancing the flow between all the cylinders. The cylinders from the opposite bank of the engine create a negative wave in order to increase the overall flow of the exhausted hand increase the car performance.

3. Exhaust scavenging: X pipe can reduce a lot of popping on deceleration and help in improving the exhaust scavenging to a certain degree.

4. Increase horsepower: X-pipe has two to four times of horsepower than the H-pipe. With X-pipe, gases can be pulled from the exhaust gases cylinder much faster. It increases more power at a higher rpm. The size of the pipe affects the horsepower and torque.

5. More Torque: The x-pipe nets an increase in high-end torque making many performance cars utilize the X design over the standard H design.

6. Less back pressure: X-design allows exhaust pulses to merge at the crossover point to create a smooth flow exhaust that leads to less pressure and more power.

7. Fuel economy: X-pipe performs better with minimal investment in time and it is fuel economical. It gives value for your money.

8. No additional maintenance: After legal modification of the vehicle with custom x-pipes, there is no additional maintenance needed for your vehicle.

9. Easy installation: It is very easy to install the x-pipes, you only need to connect the dots. The front should be welded to the collector pipe while the rear should be connected to the intermediate pipes. It can easily be integrated into the dual existing exhaust system

10. Effective: X-pipe offers both protection and effectiveness. It delivers low growl in your vehicle and tweaks your horsepower high while keeping the airflow at an optimum level.    



1. Cost: The biggest drawback of the x-pipe exhaust systems is the cost; you have to tune your vehicle based on the exhaust pipe. If you don’t get the right size, your vehicle may lose piles of low-end torque.

2. Affects driveshaft: A 3-inch pipe affects clearance around the driveshaft. It makes it difficult to install a driveshaft loop in the car without tweaking it especially if you have a smaller car.

3. Loud sound: X-pipe increases the sound of your car engine, it makes the car produce loud sounds and raspy revs. Upgrading your Mustang’s exhaust for more power and better flow affects the vehicle sound.

4. Irritation: Although the exhaust rasp is not bad, its constant popping can be very irritating for some enthusiasts.

5. Couple HP: X-pipe configuration may make the couple HP to go high up.

6. Increase exhaust flow: The Corsa doubles the Helix x-pipe bolt in place of Corvette’s factory setting leading to increased exhaust flow.

7. Few placement options: The X pipe offers a few options of where it can be placed. A-bodies are not designed to accommodate x-pipe making the transmission tunnel serve as an ideal location for installation.

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