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Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars utilize two engine technology together; you can get a gasoline-powered engine along with electric powered motors with a battery which can be charged anytime. The vehicles have a built-in system to recharge the battery while the vehicle is in use.

Just like any other car out there, you should look for certain pros and cons of the hybrid cars. There is something about these cars which has led to their increased demand in the world.



1. Lightweight: Hybrid cars are made of lightweight material which makes them consume less energy. It makes you feel great by driving a lightweight car.

2. Small engine: Compared to other vehicles engine, hybrid cars have smaller engine since they don’t have to power up car alone. Even though the gasoline engine is smaller and lighter, it is quite efficient.

3. Low carbon emissions: Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly since the gasoline-engine reduces emissions compared to other conventional cars.

4. Better resale value: If you plan to sale the car, expect to get higher prices since demand for the used hybrid cars is very high in the market. Resale the car at any time and you will get a higher value.

5. Great for city driving: The cars can thrive in the city streets and they have better gas mileage in the city streets than when on the freeway.

6. Tax incentives: You can receive tax incentives, breaks and credits on the vehicle and this depends on your geographical region.

7. Low dependency on fuel: The gas engine is more efficient and this helps reduce dependency on the oil. If you want to save on fuel cost, hybrid vehicles are perfect for higher gas mileage.

8. Regenerative braking system: Applying breaks in the vehicle enable the car to recharge the battery and this eliminates the need for you to stop and recharge the battery and also reduce the recharging time.

9. Quit: Hybrid cars drive very silent on the road this is because the electric engine is silent.

10. Long battery life: You don’t have to worry about the battery replacement. Based on 8 years or 100 000 miles battery warranty, you can be assured you’re in for a long drive.



1. Expensive: Hybrid cars have high purchase price compared to the traditional vehicles. The technology used and fuel-economy makes the hybrid cars expensive. The cost of the used hybrid car is also high. In high demand models in the waiting list, the prices are very high.

2. Maintenance cost: The technology used to obtain great gas mileage and reduce emission is expensive to maintain.
More money is needed for regular repair the vehicle. The vehicles also need unique repair tools which are not available to many repair shops.

3. Less power: Hybrid cars get their power from both gasoline and electricity. Limited use of electricity directly leads to less power and this affects the actual performance of the vehicle.

4. Less responsive handling: Hybrid vehicles are designed for efficiency rather than performance, therefore, they can’t handle crisply as sports cars.

5. Low mileage on the freeway than in city: Hybrid vehicles are designed to perform better I the cities but there those which have low gas mileage in the freeway or long-distance roads trips.

6High voltage in batteries: Battery voltage is very high and in case of an accident, it causes electrocution and makes it difficult for rescuers to get you out of the car.

7Not all hybrids are equal: In some hybrid vehicles like Honda, if you shut down the gasoline, the vehicle cannot run on the electric motor alone. In other vehicles, if gasoline is off, you can’t operate heat and air conditions.

8. Less ideal in weight distribution: Battery location reduces weight distribution. Downsizing the battery and motor to reduce the weight of the vehicle leads to less support in suspension and body.

9. Few third-row hybrids: There are very few hybrid vehicles with a third-row seating limiting your choice if looking for a larger vehicle.

10. High speed: If you mostly drive at high speeds in highways, you will not see the benefits of driving a hybrid car.

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  1. Mstislav Zhirov

    I have a 2007 Honda Civic hybrid car that needs a new IMA battery. I was quoted $1, 000 to get battery replaced and car runs well besides that. After 12 years the battery needs to be replaced, not too bad!

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