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Pros and Cons of Owning a Cat

Owning a cat is of the interesting thing you can do in your life. Cats are very loyal, social and a great companion at home especially to ladies who like having a pet.

Owning a cat has its ups and down and you should look at them before making that commitment.



1. Super playful: Cats are very playful and some can be hyper, lazy or sometimes both. It is fun and entertaining to play with the cat or watch them play with another cat.

2. Low maintenance: Cats are very low maintenance and self-sufficient. You only need to provide them with food, some water, a brush and clean the litter box. They can stay home alone and you can spend a night or two away from home without them being affected.

3. Entertaining: Cats are incredible animals and weird sometimes, although in a good way. You can watch them adopt strange positions when their relaxing or when playing.

4. Affectionate: Cats are cute and very affectionate. They always know when you’re upset or tired and can easily curl up beside you. Stroking the cat also has some calming effects.

5. Warn you: Your cat can warn you up in case of any danger around you. They’re always around to keep you company when busy with your work.

6. Say goodbye to pests: Cats take care of invasive rodents and pests in your house. Having the cat at your home, you can say goodbye to pests like rats, cockroaches, fleas, and other small insects.

7. Cute: Cats are cute with wide eyes, soft fur to play with and their pleading meows will melt your heart. Their social nature makes them a great companionship.

8. No need for regular walks: Unlike dogs, cats can exercise on their own, you don’t have to take them for a walk.

9. Need small space: You don’t need a lot of space to own a cat. They can live in a small house as long as they’re able to get warmth and a window to watch the outside world.

10. Great companionship: They’re a great companionship and kind to the owners. Show them kindness and they will return the favor.



1. Vet bills: You have to prepare for an extra budget for vet bills if the cat gets sick or in case of anything.

2. Hair everywhere: Some cats do shed a lot of fur. Although it is very soft, be prepared to get it everywhere; on the sofas, clothes or comforter.

3. Litterbox: Although you don’t have to potty train the cat, unlike the dogs, cleaning their litter box is a nightmare for every cat owner.

4. Born hunters: Cats are naturally hunters and killers if you let them wander outside, expect them to bring mice and lizards to your house.

5. Claws: The cat can scratch you unmercifully if you do something they don’t appreciate. They use claws as a way of defending themselves sometimes even use them to scratch on your furniture.

6. Vomit: Cats can vomit on your sofas especially if they have eaten grass, hairball or when sick. Be prepared to clean after them.

7. You can’t leave them for long: Cats are territorial animals and don’t like changing environment unless if they’re used to it while young. If you have to travel for a long time, you need to get someone to feed them, clean their litter box, and give them some attention.

8. Training the cat: It needs to learn to go to a litter box and not to scratch anywhere else apart from the usual spot designed for scratching.

9. Don’t listen to orders: Cats have their own will and unlike dogs, cats do not listen to the orders issued.

10. Meow until you let it outside: If you lock the cat out, it will meow until you open for it and when inside, it wants to get outside.

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