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Pros and cons of crochet braids

Most ladies are rocking and maintaining their natural hair. Doing so comes with many demands, as anyone who prefers keeping natural hair has to care for the hair. Different hair types have various benefits and hardships. Sometimes you get lucky to have wavy, curly hair, oily, straight, or short dull hair. These different hair types may become a hardship to maintain when seasons change: summer or wintertime. Such an occurrence prompts women to look for protective styles when they want to avoid up-style wear. Crochet braids are an example of protective styles.

Crochet braids are where you braid your hair underneath, and the braids are sewn on top. It has become a sensational and go-to style for most women as it is convenient. The protective style also helps one save on time, as installing them as a crotchet takes lesser time than braiding each strand to the hair. Just like any other hairstyle to choose from, crochet braids have their merits and demerits. Please read on to find out some of them.

Pros of crochet braids

1. The installation process is simple: Installing crochets braids is simple and straightforward. Any well-trained hairdresser would take little time to install the braids and still make them appear natural. Despite this, you can install them quickly using a latch hook or crochet needle.

2. They are affordable: When compared to weaves and braids, crochet braids are affordable. Most people incur fewer costs as they install them personally, while those who seek professionalism spend less. It is mainly because less time is spent patching them.

3. They are versatile: These braids offer you countless possibilities depending on your taste and preference. From choosing a bob style, wavy hairstyle, or the good old afro-punk wear, you experiment with diverse styles every time.

4. They do not shrink: Imagine the hustle that comes with wet and shrunk natural hair or even having to detangle rained-on hair! With crochet hair, you are safe from this hustle. Despite the hair looking like afro hair, it does not shrink when rained on.

5. They favor hair growth and length retention: Hair growth results are impressive when you have crotchet braids. Since your natural hair is braided underneath, you do not expose it to varying heats or constant styling or straightening. It gives your natural hair time to grow.

6. They are long-lasting: Crochet hair is very advantageous in that one can stay with them for a long time. The duration of time highly depends on how you maintain them. Clean, fresh-smelling, and well-combed crochets can keep up to three months without looking matted or dirty.

7. They are comfortable on the scalp: Crochet braids are not painful at all after installation. During installation, there is hardly any pain felt except when tightening them onto your braided hair. They give you a complete hairline look without straining your edges. For people with sensitive scalps, it is always advisable to oil your scalp to avoid any irritation.

8. Experimenting: Crochet braids are a perfect opportunity for anyone who can experiment with color without dying their natural hair.

9. Have a natural appearance: When crochet braids are appropriately installed with a well-trained hairdresser, they give a natural appearance. Most people would not tell the difference between your real natural hair and the installed crochet braids.

10. Protects the hair: Crochet hair is installed on top of your braided hair, which means your natural hair will be underneath. It protects your hair from all the harsh natural elements.

Cons of crochet hair

1. They tangle easily: Since they are synthetic hair, they are prone to tangles. Uncared for braids can look dry and tangled up. The same applies to washing them, as sure braids tend not to do well with water.

2. They get itchy: Just like a weave, crochet braids get itchy. This mostly happens when you have a dry, overstayed, sweaty, dirty, or dandruff scalp.

3. They can stunt your hair growth: Crochet hair can stunt your hair growth and development. Negligence when it comes to crochet braids care will lead to scalp dryness. It will, in turn, lead to hair dryness hence stunted growth.

4. They limit updo styling: Most people with crochet braids are always concerned that their hair braided underneath may show when they updo the braids. There is also the risk of causing hair stress with an updo style.

5. They can cause tension and pressure on the scalp: For you to crochet braids, you first need to braid your hair into cornrows. You use a latch hook through your braided hair to install the crochet braids, hence parting the hair. To ensure the crocheted braid is firm, you must ensure a tight knot is formed under the braided cornrow. All this process of adding a braided twist loc or braid through your hair adds some weight on your hair, and delicate strands are pulled.

6. Hair snapping issues: While installing the crochet braids, there is always a risk of hair snapping. Most times, you may not notice this until it’s time to take down your hair. During this time, you may see a lot of hair shedding when combing or even the presence of a receding hairline.

7. The first few days, they have a wiggy appearance: After installation, the crochet braids need a few days to calm down and appear natural, not to look wig-like. Such an appearance is mainly due to the tightly braided cornrows underneath.

8. Getting perfect curls is a challenge: To get the perfect crochet braids curls, involves a lot of patience. You may have to roll the braids, dip them in hot water, and set them up to 24hours to get the desired curls. All this is done before installing the braids. The whole process may be challenging or experience limited time, thus resulting in frizzy curls.

9. Most crotchet done personally at home can cause embarrassment when in windy weather: Most home-installed crotchets are done faster, and some people leave empty or unfilled cornrows. It cannot be pleasant when in a windy place or passing by a fan that lifts your hair, exposing all the poorly done parts.

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