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Pros and Cons of White Sapphire

White Sapphire is a completely colorless sapphire. It receives its color from the trace elements present within the earth during crystal formation.

The white sapphires are quite rare and are completely untouched by trace elements. They are excellent alternatives to diamonds used in making engagement rings. They’re less expensive and at the same time, they are long-lasting.

It is also known as Safed Pukhraaj and is the best substitute for diamond. It also has metaphysical properties very similar to diamonds. The white sapphire gives enormous benefits to the wearers.



1. It is exceptionally beautiful; the appearance of the white sapphire is so beautiful and it’s true to his color scheme.  Those who love white color always prefer it.

2. They are difficult to chip; the white sapphire is a gemstone that possesses the hardness of 9 Mohs scales. This makes them very difficult to chip and the best alternative to those who need a long-lasting thing.

3. Preferred for an engagement ring; the white sapphire is mostly preferred in making the engagement rings.

4. It is budget-friendly; white sapphire is budget-friendly and an excellent option for those looking forward to purchasing jewelry made of it.

5. Have a lower refraction index; it has a lower refraction index which impedes optical performance resulting in less fire and dispersion.

6. They are somehow identical to diamonds; due to their colorless appearances, jewelers have actively marketed them as identical to diamonds with the added advantage of having a lower price.

7. It cut and depth; white sapphires have different cut-grading measurements when compared to diamonds, the shape of the white sapphires stone and the pattern are visible from the top.

8. Medicinal properties; white sapphire has numerous medicinal benefits. It strengthens immunity and reproductive health along with helping in curing ailments.

9. Useful for professionals and businessmen; White sapphires are useful for businessmen and working professionals as they can help them to improve their productivity in their field.

10. Pricing and Rarity; White sapphires can hold their own in terms of pricing and rarity. It is among the four cardinal gemstones of a diamond.



1. Mistaken as a diamond; Due to that white color, sapphires are so identical to diamonds. A customer can buy white sapphire thinking that he/she is purchasing diamonds.

2. Lower the value of a Diamond; the price of the sapphires is lower than that of a diamond. Therefore, customers may consider purchasing white sapphires than diamonds.

3. Does not get to the same paperwork from the GIA as that of the diamond; the white sapphire has a list containing some information but it will not be systematically graded in a process identical to that of a diamond.

4. It is a low substance compared to that of the diamond; even though a significant glimmer will emit from a sapphire it is not equal to a diamond substance. When compared, the sparkle of a diamond is much better.

5. It needs a lot of maintenance; White sapphire needs a lot of maintenance so that it can maintain its shining. Otherwise, without which the white sapphire will fade.

6. Does not deliver the level of sparkle as diamond can; white sapphires are not cut for optical performance. Therefore, it cannot deliver the level of sparkle compared to that of a diamond.

7. It is not all that eye-catching and lively; it doesn’t shine or sparkle much like a diamond. White sapphires are not that attractive to be preferred in engagement rings.

8. Cloudy-whitish appearance; as a result of its mineral composition, this hazy nature of the white sapphire gemstone saps the life out of it. It impedes sparkle thus, making it so dull.

9. Sloppy standards; white sapphires are usually cut to sloppy standards due to their inherently lower cost whereas skilled cutters cost more. The time needed to craft a rough stone equates to higher expenses.

10. Scratch easily and not durable; the white sapphires scratch easily and are not as durable as diamonds. If Sapphire wearers don’t take care of them on daily basis, they can lose their luster.

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