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Pros and Cons of U-Tip Hair Extension

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U-Tip or Hot fusion is a human hair extension shaped like the letter U and applied to the hair by heating up. The heating tool melts the Keratin glue between your hair and the hair extension.

It is a long-term hair extension that lasts several weeks or months. The extension enables you to have the long and beautiful hair of your dreams.



1. Natural look: The Hot fusion extension is attached to the roots of your hair leaving some space. The space left gives your hair a natural look and allows natural movement of the hair.

2. New look: The u-tip hair extension gives you a new look like having a particular cut or a fringe. Having long hair, you can easily style it compared to having short hair.

3. Long-lasting: A properly attached hair extension can last up to six months with proper maintenance. This makes a u-tip hair extension a durable hair extension.

4. Customize: The extension can be customized to match your hair color. A mix of colors can also be used on individual strands to add highlights and lowlights.

5. Low maintenance cost: his method doesn’t need appointments with a styling professional like the other fitting techniques. After some time you can make an appointment to add a few strands to your hair to thicken your look.

6. Thick hair: This type of hair extension is suitable for coarse thick hair. If you don’t have good hair growth, you can use a u-tip extension to add an extra length to your hair and increase hair volume.

7. Kind to hair: The re-bonded u-tip hair extension is made from Italian Keratin which is a protein component found in natural hair. This makes your hair look natural and reduces breakage.

8. Undetectable bonds: The application process is strand by strand and the strands are attached at the tips close to the hairline and smoothened by hand. This makes the hair bonds virtually undetectable.

9. Easy application: Compared to other application techniques, the u-tip process is an easy to apply method on short hair.

10. Less heat: The hot fusion applicator too only heats the hair for a few seconds and is not as hot as a standard flat iron thus, no damage to the hair.



1. Time-consuming: It takes a lot of time to apply the extension to your hair. On average, you can take 2-6 hours due to the long procedures you have to follow to completely apply for the extension.

2. Hair damage: To apply for the U-tip hair extension, you need heat which not only affects the stylist’s hands but also if not careful it can damage your hair. To remove the extension, an Acetone solution is used and a combination of this chemical solution and heat can be harsh on your natural hair.

3. Itchy scalp: Although this only affects a few people, you may experience an itchy scalp or some discomfort within the first few weeks of the installing of the hair extension.

4. Need an expert: The application procedure require an experienced stylist due to its high learning curve to ensure the extension is properly installed into your hair. If the extension is not properly installed, it results in hair damage.

5. Not reusable: The hair extension is only used once. After six months of use, you have to throw it away.

6. Haircare: For the U-tip hair extension to last for six months with no professional maintenance, you have to take good care of it when brushing by holding the root when brushing. You should avoid using oil-based products or over-styling so as to maintain the hair in good shape.

7. Heat requirement: This hair extension require heat to melt and fuse hair bonds whereas other methods don’t need heat.

8. Fall off: Heat can melt the bond between the hair and the u-tip extension causing the strands to fall out. Take care to ensure it doesn’t come off when straightening the hair.

9. Cost: Investing in a professional stylist and the number of strands added to your hair to increase its volume can increase the cost although this depends on your location.

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