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Pros and Cons of L’Oréal Hair SPA

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L’Oréal Hair Spa Smooth CreamBath with a creamy texture can leave your hair with a silky feel. The cream is a perfect solution for all hair problems within just 20 minutes. It gives you an opportunity to have a luxurious hair spa at home. Hair span deep nourishing cream is suitable for both dry and frizzy hair. Before using this creamy product, evaluate the products pros and cons of your hair.



1. Fresh feel: The hair spa leaves your hair with a refreshing feel after use. It makes the hair look natural and frizz-free.

2. Inexpensive: Compared to Spa treatment prices in a salon, L’Oréal comes in a huge tub at a reasonable price making it the most manageable hair cream.

3. Smooth and soft hair: Once applied to the hair you can notice the changes immediately. The hair feels smooth, velvety soft, and natural. Your hair doesn’t look like it is chemically treated.

4. Controls frizzy hair: The hair spa is different from other hair creams and makes your hair look frizz-free and very healthy. The cream makes the hair color dazzle and leaves it shinning.

5. Suitable for dry hair: The hair spa deep nourishing cream is excellent in smoothening dry hair. It leaves your hair greatly nourished and the results are visible within just 20 minutes.

6. Provides great deep conditioning: The cream provides you with deep conditioning to strengthen your hair strands and give you visible results.

7. Availability: The cream is easily available in all stores and major portals. You can buy the product at any store near you.

8. Long-lasting: A single tab can take you a whole year. A little scoop is needed to treat the hair every week for you to maintain a soft and silky look.

9. Variety: There are several variants of the home hair spa and you can choose the hair spa cream based on your hair type and your needs.

10. Ease of application: You don’t have to go to the salon to apply the cream, you can apply the hair spa at the comfort of your home and rinse your hair after 15-20 minutes.



1. Hard to rinse off: The cream is quite greasy and you need to thoroughly rinse off the hair to leave it clean.

2. Follow instruction: For you to get the best results for your hair you have to follow the product’s instructions to the latter.

3. Smell: The hair spa has a strong smell that becomes mild after washing with lukewarm water with shampoo. If you’re sensitive to smell, the product scent may be too much for you. Some people only tolerate the smell because of the benefits the product adds to their hair.

4. Harmful ingredient: The hair spa contains harmful paraben compound which can affect your hair or the skin.

5. Dry hair: After applying the cream there are people who will have very dry hair on that day but by the next day the hair will look amazing.

6. Tangled hair: The hair may not be detangled well after using the hair spa shampoo cream.

7. Regular exercise: For better results, you have to use L’Oréal hair spa weekly, and sometimes maybe a disadvantage having to routinely treat your hair every week.

8. Takes time: It requires a couple of minutes and effort to wash, dry, massage, steaming the hair, and washing again and dry your hair. So if you’re lazy you may find it difficult to follow all those steps.

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