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Pros and Cons of V-Cut Hair

When ready for a new haircut, V-cut can add a fresh style and bold dimensions to long hair. It enables you to have new maintenance options as compared to your usual old routine.
In a v-cut, the hair is cut vertical so as to have V look shape at the end. If you’re contemplating having a V-Cut hair look, you should consider the following pros and cons.



1. Add volume to hair: Cutting the hair in layers adds volume and body to your hair. V-cut is one of the great ways to change your hairstyle.

2. Luscious looks: The v-cut hair look shows an ideal hairstyle with long luscious locks flowing in loose waves on your shoulders.

3. New look: If you’re bored with your old hairstyling routine, you can have a new v-cut on your hair to give it a new change. Having a new hairstyle can help you gain more confidence.

4. Flattering layers: If you have a lot of hair, you can cut thick layers adding volume to your hair and also enhancing your facial features. It gives your hair a more vibrant look.

5. Different styles: If you have long hair, you can enhance the layered v-cut by adding texture to the hair or curling the ends. This not only makes you have a new look but also a pretty look.

6. Bold cuts: Your hair locks can be cut into a sharper point. If you have short hair above you’re your shoulders, then it should be cut at a softer angle to form a v-look.

7. Add dimension to the hair: A V-cut hair makes you add some dimensions and drama to your hair without the need for any styling.

8. Improve appearance: V-cut complements thick hairstyles making it easy to style, reducing hair weight, and improving overall hair appearance.

9. Different V-cut ways: You can wear the V-shape hair in different ways. Depending on your hair type and your own preferences, you can have the v-cut in different ways.

10. Widely used: Almost everyone uses v-cut hair styling, therefore, it is easy to get professionals who can excellently trim your hair.



1. Not suitable for everyone: V-Cut is not suitable for everyone. If your hair grows and breaks within a few weeks, you can a v-cut. To have a great layered V-shape depends on your face and the volume of your hair.

2. Thin hair: The V shape makes your hair look thin in the back although this depends on your face and if you have lots of hair.

3. Difficult to tie back: If you like to hold your hair in a ponytail or bun, it will be challenging to do so after cutting the hair into V-shape. It will be difficult to keep the layers tied back in a ponytail.

4. Difficult to grow hair to the same length: If you get your hair layered and later want to grow the hair to the same length it will take you forever unless you cut it short and start growing it.

5. Shorthair at the front: For the V to be pronounced, you have to make the front hair a bit short and have a dramatic drop from the front to the back.

6. Too much volume: If you don’t have naturally straight hair, cutting your hair into layers of V-shape may add too much volume to your life especially if you’re not looking to add volume to your hair.

7. Difficult to style short hair: If you have short hair, it is difficult to do much with your hair. Tidying your hair with bobby pins so as to cut desired layers of V-shape is time-consuming.

8. High maintenance: The hair needs to be trimmed often to maintain the V-curve. If you have wavy locks, you have to buy additional styling products to avoid split ends and maintain the hair.

9. Hot in summer: If you maintain long hair, you will feel your neck and shoulders burning up because of the hot summer.

10. Strands on your face: You will have a few strands on your face which refuses to sit down even after styling your hair.

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