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Pros and cons of Redmi Note7

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The introduction of the note series in the smartphone market has caused stirs to all ends of the world. Do not forget how note 7 faces stiff competition from other smartphone firms like Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Asus, and Nokia. However, with the release of Redmond note7, the company has realized unbeatable mass following. This Android device is an extraordinary device whose strong points are based on its daring superior 48MP rear camera and a 4000mAh capacity battery. This is actually a flawless camera phone that turns social media enthusiasts horny. The smartphone also delivers an active noise cancellation effect and is boosted by a dedicated microphone. Its lustrous exterior touch is like an oasis in the desert of unmatched superiority. Its unexplainable merits include:



1. Large capacity battery: Its long-run 4000mAh battery delivers a cool and enduring user experience that does not require periodic charging. This is enough to run the user the whole day without recharging. Tests have proved that its endurance rates at 108h.

2. Has an audacious 48 MP camera: Its 48MP rear cam is fitted with a heroic 5MP depth sensor while its SELFIE camera captures crystal-clear images sweeping a 13MP capture for the user. Its pictures are just detailed and amazing.

3. Equipped with USB Type-C interface: With this interface, the devices support fast data transfer hence overwhelming positive results.

4. Stylish design: This gadget has a superior colorful design that comes along with a waterdrop style notch. The device has mind-taking polished colors within its exterior.

5. Powerful performance: The smartphone delivers well due to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor. An ADRENO 512 graphics processing unit is also available. Having such a processor proposes that heavy graphics games can be played on this device with ease.

6. Utilizes first-charging technology: Having USB type-C entails fast charging support to offer maximum user experience.

7. Descent display: Its 6.3 inch Full HD screen supports a pixel density of 409 PPI that comes along with a resolution of 1080×2340 pixels. Its display is also an IPS LCD screen with a sharp representation of graphics.

8. Features a Gorilla glass protector: Its Gorilla Glass 5 on both its rear and front offer substantial device protection. The catching thing here is that the gorilla protector is mounted on both its front side and backside.

9. Installed with android pie: Note 7 is accompanied by the latest Android OS version during purchase. It thus offers a wide variety of superior aligned features. It, therefore, enjoys the privileges of running the latest Android operating system that was recently launched.

10. Good connectivity: It also arrives with 4G LTE technology for fast internet browsing, 3.5 mm jack, excellent Wi-Fi standards like 802.11ac and Bluetooth v5.0 technology for file sharing. There is also infrared and FM radio support.

Its demerits include:


1. Does not support 4K video recording: Even though its chipset and camera support 4k resolution, this gadget does not achieve 4k video capture. This gadget, therefore, needs improvement to enable this capability.

2. Has no NFC: Lack of NFC IS A setback to mobile payments and this may discourage users from getting this device.

3. Lacks a dedicated micro SD slot: One has to choose between the second SIM or the micro SD card.

4. Lacks a fast charger: Even though the device has fast charging capabilities its charger needs some improvements optimum fast charging.

5. Its 5MP rear secondary camera component is constrained to depth sensing: Like in many smartphones, the secondary camera does not offer wide-angle pictures.

6. lacks wireless charging technology: The most recent magnetic induction method of charging is not an option in this smartphone despite being deployed by some of the world`s great companies. Wireless charging reduces the device wears at the contact with the charger.

7. Has bloat-ware and ads in MIUI: this device struggles with many useless bloat-ware with successful updates. Its ads are also a nuisance to the user.

8. Heavier: Weighing at approximately 185 grams, this gadget might feel difficult to carry when undertaking busy tasks that may require one to continuously hold the device.

9. Very large and bulky: Its huge screen may chase away lovers of small smartphone devices. Its heaviness tops its list of cons since it should be made as lightest as possible for users to enjoy its day to day company in their respective busy fields of work.

10. Non-removable battery: Its huge capacity battery is sadly non-removable unless with the help of some screwdrivers.

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