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Pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy J7

In today`s world, there are certain electronic devices that are a must for us to live well in our daily circles of life. One of such is a smartphone. The first breakthrough of the Samsung Galaxy J7 into the market was witnessed in June 2015. It’s an Android smartphone with limitless capabilities.

During its launch, it ran under Android 5.1(lollipop) as its native Android mobile operating system version and not to mention that it`s possible to upgrade to Android 6.0.1(Marshmallow). Its body is made up of a plastic exterior that comes commonly in colors: white, gold, or even a stylish black.

It is also equipped with a 3000-mAh capacity battery. Its love among the young and has been spectated all over the world in today`s world of the internet and social media. It sells in various parts of the world and has received a warm welcome among its end users. Its specs are magnificent to many. Its merits include:



1. Has an AMOLED touch-screen display: Galaxy J7 firstly comes with an appetizing 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels for better imaging. The screen also has support for sixteen Million different colors. The AMOLED enabled screen saves battery life and offers an Always-on Display function that is customizable to meet user needs.

2. Equipped with a triumphant 3000-mAh Li-ion removable battery: Samsung J7 is powered by a durable and long-lasting removable Li-ion battery. When the battery is full, it gives up to 18 hours of enduring use without recharging. Its chipset is not energy-consuming hence an assured battery life.

3. Breath-taking user interface: J7 has a fine Touch-Wiz UI feature. It is fostered by accurate theme support bearing in mind the android 5.1 version with great user interface support. This gives you a good personalization of your screen.

4. Fully packaged camera: With an increased number of social media platforms, the end-user requires a good camera phone. Samsung J7 is one of them. It has a remarkable 5MP front SELFIE camera that works together with a 13MP back camera. The camera gives a wide aperture that is accompanied by an LED flash for photo capture under dark environments. The camera also offers both high-quality photo and video capture with superb Zooming and auto-focus capabilities.

5. It`s a dual-SIM phone with a dedicated micro SD-card slot: The Micro SD-card is optionally upgradeable up to 256 GB of external storage. There are also two SIM card slots to offer dual-SIM support.

6. Supports up to 4G LTE connectivity technology: For internet enthusiasts, the J7 smartphone gives you fine-tuned surfing experiences of up to 4G with support for 2G and 3G-internet connectivity. It also gifts the end-user with Bluetooth 4.1 along with Wi-Fi b/g/n provision.

7. Wonderful performance: In terms of performance J7 is one of the unfailing options one can take. It has an OCTA-CORE CPU with each core running at 1.4 to 1.5GHz. The CPU has a 64-bit QUALCOMM snapdragon or an EXYNOS chipset back-up. It also supports an ADRENO 405 graphics processing unit which offers an unbelievable smart user experience. The 1.6GB RAM and an unbeatable 16GB internal storage also add to its performance list.

8. Stylish exterior touch: The Samsung J7`s components are embedded in an attractive 5.99×3.10×0.30 Inch body framework. It also comes along with an elegant plastic cover polished for optimum user satisfaction with white, black, or golden colors.

9. Comes preinstalled with basic apps: Samsung J7 will come with the most basic mobile applications in communication and social media apps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

10. Affordable and available: Due to budgetary concerns, this smartphone does not drain your pockets. Its reasonable prices make the phone affordable to almost all countries over the world. It is also available in most electronic shops and wholesale shops.

Its limitations include:


1. Plastic exterior: End-users must cope with the plastic body which may be a limitation when the phone drops. Therefore, many people would prefer a durable metallic taste of its body.

2. Small 1.5GB RAM: Its Random access memory, simply known as the working storage, is not a good idea for the smartphone market today. A heavy working and outstanding smartphone may require a minimum of 3 GB for faster working and a better experience.

3. Lacks USB Type-C port: With tech advancement in ICT, smart devices can now connect to another computer like a laptop for charging or data transfer. USB Type-C is a faster USB interface that offers high-speed data transfer but it’s not available in Samsung Galaxy J7. On the contrary, J7 supports a micro USB 2.0 interface which is slower.

4. Lacks 5G internet connectivity: With high-speed connectivity being rolled out in many high-class countries, 5G enabled devices are key in the market so as to support smooth express internet surfing. Galaxy J7 is unfortunately not one of such devices.

5. Lacks 4k video resolution: For better image rendering and quality, a smartphone begs for 4K support. This is a great setback to Samsung Galaxy J7 which lacks 4K support.

6. Lacks glass protectors: Unlike many smartphones secured from scratches and accidental drops with a Gorilla glass screen protector, Samsung J7 is not one of them.

7. May encounter heating: Due to prolonged excessive use while playing games and internet connectivity, Samsung J7 may dissipate heat from its processor.

8. Heavier: Weighing at approximately 170 g may be a bit heavier when compared to some of the world’s slightest smartphones.

9. Fewer color options: This gadget offers fewer colors for users to choose from.

10. Poor speaker output: Its sound is sometimes too low even at high volumes or even too distorted at very high volumes.

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