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Pros and Cons of T-Mobile

Choosing the right wireless carrier can easily impact your life in different ways. T-Mobile is a US major wireless service for individuals, families, or businesses. It is among the top 3 wireless providers in the US.

It consists of a slim selection of phones and a small network footprint. A T-Mobile has a single unlimited plan for all post-paid users. Wireless giants of this cell phone enjoy lower costs although those in rural areas may sometimes face weak coverage signals.

It provides affordable unlimited wireless solutions to all users. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using T-Mobile.



1. T-Mobile Jump: It operates on-demand and EIP or equipment installment plans. You can have several monthly installments to pay EIPs with your wireless bill. Once you complete the payments, the phone becomes yours.

2. Unlimited texting and calling: T-Mobile provides you with unlimited SMS, international calling, and LTE data to Canadian citizens.

3. Free 3G tethering: Based on the plan you choose for the carrier, T-Mobile has free 10GB of tethering on your tablet using the 3G network. It also gives you an hour of in-flight Wi-Fi and texting with GoGo.

4. Unlimited HD video quality: Using one plus plan allows you to experience HD streaming video and music streaming.

5. Network performance: The phone has the best network performance with a fast 4G network. It also offers various unlimited plans.

6. T-Mobile money: It offers a no-fee checking account using the T-Mobile money service. You can create an account, joint or multiple accounts just as you would in a bank.

7. Reliable: The cell phone offers you great speeds within the covered areas making it more reliable and has unlimited plans at lower prices.

8. Free Netflix: Buy a T-Mobile device and enjoy free Netflix streaming via the device.

9. The Uncontract: T-Mobile allows you to take advantage of the Uncontract and change the price paid for the product.

10. T-Mobile Tuesdays: T-Mobile users receive their rewards on Tuesday. All you have to do is download the app and wait for the reward.


1. Camera: The phone sticks with its 5-megapixel camera despite loads of technological changes that enable phones to have higher megapixels.

2. Restocking fee: Using T-Mobile’s return policy, shoppers pay more for advanced devices. If you buy a smartwatch or tablet, you can get $75 as a stocking fee.

3. Delayed transaction: Having outdated software in your cell phone device may lead to delayed transactions.

4. Competition: Although the brand is top-rated it faces a lot of competition from other mobile platforms. The mobile market is heavily saturated and more mobile platforms struggle to gain an edge over competitors. T-Mobile’s trademark for success it’s through low prices.

5. Risks: Integration of German-controlled operations with the US-based operation results in conflict in culture.

6. Affects economy: The move to unlimited data plans has affected the economy of the US and Canada. This makes the EBITDA margins to be below those of Verizon and AT&T.

7. No-contract prepaid plans: T-Mobile platform has been a pioneer and a leader at offering mobile service at lower prices to gain market share of low-income earners and the youth. Other operators are catching up like LEAP wireless making it difficult for the T-Mobile platform to differentiate itself on the prepaid front.

8. Data connection issues: Once outside of major metropolitan areas especially in rural areas, you may experience data connectivity problems.

9. 4G LTE coverage: T-Mobile 4G LTE network coverage is not good as competitors although this depends on the area you’re in.

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  1. Swati Bhavsar

    Mobile is now a days basic requirement of human being. Not only mobile but Smart phone with Internet is the oxygen of all of us. World became very compact and fitted in the 5″ screen of the phone. You have described the pros along with the cons of the mobile. Actually found your article very informative. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. JoAnna Toth

    Avoid T-Mobile, they are the WORST and most dishonest company I have ever dealt with!!! They have HORRIBLE service; they are unable to do the simplest things like stop an auto-pay because you decided to pay it with cash in person!! Neither the workers nor managers could do so or acted like they could not as then they paid it on my future months bill which was not even due!! The service goes down constantly and is SLOW, and you CANNOT work from home with it, they lied and said it would be fine when I signed up. They also try to cheat you out of all of your money after you shut the service down, first trying to find something wrong with the tower, then being rude and disrespectful to you as a tag team in the store, then incorrectly reading the account screen and accusing you of missing a payment when the truth is they duplicated the same payment and paid me a month ahead because they are stupid and incompetent, then they finally figure it out after playing dumb for hours and trying to scam you out of your money because one will do business with them because of their horrible service and products and lack of honesty and then they finally agreed to credit the last month of service that I did not use but did pay for, after I let them know that I work for the government and do not appreciate being ripped off and they credited it, which left me with a $20 credit, then I called and asked them to send the credit to me as they had not done so automatically and it had been months and I kept getting the bill with the credit in the mail and knew I would never go back to them, and the first girl said it had to go on the debit card I used to pay my payments and said she sent it there and it would show within three business days, a week later it never showed up, so I called back and the guy took my bank account and routing number and said he set it up to go to my checking account via ACH and it would be there within three business days so I waiting and a week went by and it never showed up, then I filed a complaint with the FCC, the executive office clown then contacted me by phone and left a message and I returned his call and left a message and said I wanted him to discuss it by email as I wanted all in writing, he then waited two days and called me again, so ignored my request, more crappy customer service, then he was a smart mouth and half laughing about my frustration and said “Oh it looks like they over credited your account and you are not due a credit at all so I will just zero it out”. THIS is how they run their business and WHY you want to avoid them!!! I have contacted the regulators again; they are committing fraud and have no intention of giving me my money. I am sure they do this to all of their customers so either make them money off them by cheating them by over charging them and not refunding time unused, or by finding false things wrong with the returned equipment or by cheating them and not returning their credits. They are scum, avoid them!!!!! I am a twice widowed 58-year-old mother, how hard up can someone be for a dollar than to rip someone like me off!!! God sees all and they will face their maker one day and regret what they did!!!!

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