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Pros and Cons of texting

Since the invention of the mobile phone, texting has become a common method of communication and sometimes the most preferred method. Its simplistic nature and ease of use continue to attract more people into this popular mode of communication. Texting, like all other methods of communication, comes with its advantages and disadvantages.



1. High open rate: Texting as a method of communication offers an immediate response through the mobile phone platform. It makes it a convenient method of communication because the user expects an immediate response.

2. Discretion: Texting is a rather discrete kind of communication because it is ‘silent. There is no voice associated with texting and this makes it easy to convey a message in a discrete and secretive way.

3. Written proof:
Texting involves writing that can be stored either in the device or on a database that can be kept for future reference. This helps especially when the proof is required at a later date.

4. Shock absorber for information: Texting sometimes acts as a shock absorber for information. Instead of calling someone and bombarding them with information that they need time to internalize before responding, texting comes in handy in offering a soft landing for the same.

5. Used by everyone: Texting is a method of communication that is currently used by everyone who owns a mobile device. This makes it easy to reach anyone through texting.

6. Can be used on any mobile device: Texting is a feature that is available on almost all mobile communication devices. This, therefore, makes it versatile and available for anyone who wants to use it.

7. No rules: There are no rules associated with texting. Anyone can type anything on their mobile phones and send them as communication as long as the message is understood and conveyed.

8. Cost-effective: Texting is one of the cheapest modes of communication. With the introduction of several texting platforms, people spend almost nothing on texting especially if you have access to the internet.

9. Universal: Texting is available as a method of communication all over the world. This means anyone can reach everyone through texting.

10. Helps maintain communication: Texting plays an important role in the field of communication. It helps in maintaining meaningful communication, especially among friends since it is an informal method of communication.



1. Reduces your attention when driving: Texting has negative effects since it requires you to pay attention to the phone whenever you are texting. When you are driving, this may take your attention away from the road.

2. Non-standard vocabulary: Texting does not require you to have any official vocabulary since you can easily type even in shorthand as long as the message is conveyed.

3. Limited space: There is limited space when writing a text. This sometimes limits the information that can be conveyed through this platform.

4. Sexting: Some people are addicted to sexting, which is basically having ‘sex’ on the phone. This has led to a reduction of morality in society and especially among children and teenagers who end up doing it everywhere.

5. Requires literacy skills: Texting requires the users to have certain levels of literacy skills such as writing in order to pass a message through it. This shuts out people who cannot read and write.

6. Causes sleeping problems: Texting is addictive. Some people spend a lot of their time texting and this may go all the way into the night and disrupt an individual’s sleeping patterns.

7. Not aware of your surroundings: Texting somehow takes away your concentration and makes you unaware of your surrounding and this may be dangerous especially for road users.

8. Hinders communication and etiquette: Texting sometimes hinders communication and erodes communication etiquette especially among addicts.

9. Promotes poor language skills: Texting encourages the use of short forms which may, in the long run, erode one’s language skills and promote poor mastery of the language.

10. Sometimes perceived as rude: Texting may be perceived by others as rude especially in cases where the user uses short forms and responds using one word.

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  1. Miles

    I’m a pro at texting myself. whenever i need to talk to my people.

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