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Pros and cons of national society collegiate scholars

National society collegiate scholars Is an organization that elevates and recognizes top-achieving students. A lot of people love NSCS because it provides school connections, career, leadership, and many other connections. Did you know service opportunities provided by NSCS gives out more than approximately $800,000 annually? NSCS has a negative impact too. Like they have dysfunctional management teams. Before you join them, you need to understand what you will gain and what will suppress your performance at the place. At some points, people think it’s not legit, but to me, it is, and people love it as it empowers students who cannot afford to support themselves.

Pros of national society collegiate scholars

1. School connection: School connections are available to member students when they finish their academic year. They can join a good school and many other benefits. They have amazing networking with plenty of scholarships for all areas. They have generous benefits packages.

2. Leadership opportunities: The NSCS provides a lot of leadership opportunities and privileges. Through leadership opportunities, students can meet and interact with other students, alumni, and other great people in the moment students will develop leadership skills.

3. Career: After joining NSCS, students get mold all around. They can get jobs through connections and other sources; also, they can start their job and occupation from what they have learned. People trust NSCS to have bright students, so they will happily take any student that comes out of there because they to achieving students.

4. Great place: They have an attractive environment that almost everybody enjoys the place. You will enjoy the place of how it is designed and decorated.

5. Service experience: Students can familiarise themselves with what they are learning by gaining experience from attachment and internships. The faculties in place are engaging, consistent, and very professional when it comes to their students.

6. Exposure: Due to the membership fee, students are exposed to a lot of things, which improves their socialization skills, new skills, and knowledge. They can do a lot as they attend NSCS programs, apply for exclusive scholars.

Cons of national society collegiate scholars.

1. Active members are not communicative: Passing information from active members is not ok as they don’t communicate. A lot of things happen before other people knowing it will be happening.

2. COVID-19: This pandemic made management difficult to an extent people switched to virtual. They were not able to host NSCS events and programs.

3. It Is not for everybody: You have to be a top student to join NSCS; if you dot meet their points, you won’t be able to join NSCs.

4. Membership fee: To have all the fun, exposure connection, and leadership opportunities, you have to pay the membership fee.

5. Employees are different: The lower-level employees believe and buy the mission while strategic managers only care about the bottom line. Upper-level cares about what they will get, but the lower level they care about client satisfaction.

6. Time difference: Some days of work are longer compared to others due to many factors in place.

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