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Pros and cons of social media essay

Social media has many pros and cons, especially to our young generation. There are many aspects of life where social media impacts the most and several others where it doesn’t have any issues. For that reason, everyone needs to have a clear understanding of the actions and ways of thinking.



1. Social media reduces the time you travel to reach your friends-Now that you can talk to your friends wherever you are, there are little chances of getting tired and children being kidnapped as they walk to have time with their friends.

2. It bridges the gap between people in two different parts of the world-You now don’t have the struggles that you could otherwise have talking to someone else at the other side of the world. The children can easily talk to them without any issues.

3. Making new friends-Kids and teenagers have a chance to make new friends. This is actually what makes the whole world a friendlier place to live. This is easy because more and more people are becoming friends every single day.

4. The sites are so interactive-people can upload pictures and videos and send those messages to their friends wherever they are. This means that it’s a more interactive platform that can benefit people greatly.

5. It allows people a chance to keep in touch-You can easily send a message and get replies within a second. This is actually what helps everyone to keep in touch with their friends and family members. You don’t have to struggle to communicate and send your thoughts and feelings.

6. Helps students to do better in school-The students will always be learning more with the use of social media. This means that they are likely to do better in their studies. There are many reasons why social media helps the students and the social communities and groups learn and develop.

7. It helps people that are socially isolated connect with others-some people that don’t socialize well with others in person have a chance to interact better through social media. So, social media is likely to help introverts make friends and share their thoughts.

8. It makes people feel less shy-There is a large number of teenagers that report social media makes them feel less shy especially when they are talking to other people. This is one of the reasons why it’s beneficial to them.

9. It gives people a place of being more vocal-Through social media platforms, people usually have a better place to share their thoughts and feel more vocal.

10. Entertainment-social media is one of the best places for entertainment. Educative videos, photos, and other content are shared on social media.



1. Addiction-Social media is very addictive especially to the younger generation which is a cause of laziness. If not carefully controlled, your children can be glued to social media for a full day.

2. Cyberbullying– Cyberbullying is very common with the increased use of social media. We have serious cases of this act almost every day.

3. Misleading information-To children, most of the information shared on social media is very misleading. This means that more and more people are digesting the wrong information from social media.

4. Violence and sexual abuse– There are violence cases reported through social media every day. People are also sharing some comments that promote sexual violence.

5. It has made teens emotionally weak-Social media has also played a role in making teens emotionally weak especially those that are not very social. This is a case that can lower someone’s self-love and self-esteem.

6. it’s difficult to express real feelings through social media. The developers are doing what they can to make this a realist with the introduction of emojis and other visual assistance but this has not been achieved yet.

7. It creates a barrier to Face to Face communications-Now that people can communicate through social media, it has become very difficult for people to plan dates. This can be confusing and disconnecting.

8. The Spread of inaccurate information-You cannot know what someone is hiding behind that social media platform. Some of them will not expose the real locations, age, and contacts. This usually gives you the wrong expression of them.

9. Reduced productivity-people today are accessing their social media accounts even when they are working. This usually leads to reduced productivity.

10. Spread of fake news– In social media, most of the news we get is not confirmed. This is actually one of the reasons why there’s an increase in the spread of misleading information.

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