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Pros and Cons of Crossfit

For us to understand some of the various pros and cons of Crossfit, we must first know what CrossFit is. Well, Crossfit is a lifestyle characterized by benign, operative exercise and comprehensive nutrition. The program can work on all the people aiming to achieve varying goals such as better-quality health, weight loss and improved performance. The program has dissimilar workouts every day for the people who have been working out and the novices. Highlighted below are some of the pros and cons.



1. It leads to a very strong community-Crossfit that has helped connect the community to working out and has inspired people to healthy eating and working out making them very strong.

2. It enhances competition-Crossfit has enhanced competition among the people in working out because no one would settle to less weight when others are craving for bigger weights. You have to keep competing.

3. It helps improve physical strength-The The very intense movements you do while working out may help you gain muscle strength and stamina. This increases your physical strength.

4. It helps you improve aerobic fitness-There are some of the Crossfit exercises that help you utilize the maximum amount of oxygen as you do them which improves the aerobic fitness.

5. Improves your agility, balance and flexibility-Most of the Crossfit workouts are functional exercises. These exercises move in the same way you move every day improving your agility, balance and flexibility.

6. Burn calories and manage weight-If there is a work out that can help you burn calories and manage weight more easily is the Crossfit workouts. It also advises you on the proper diet to lose weight.

7. It is very good for your heart-The The Crossfit workouts and exercises are very good for your heart because they reduce your chances of getting heart attack and cardiovascular diseases.

8. It helps in reducing injury risk-Since the exercises and workouts increase your balance, agility and flexibility it might be very hard for you to get injured.

9. You are likely to become better runner-Crossfit exercises and workouts have been known to improve aerobic fitness which in the long run is likely to make you a better runner.

10. It helps you sleep better-Some of the Crossfit exercises help you fall asleep much faster than in normal conditions.



1. Lack of personalization-Crossfit does not customize an individual program, everything is generalized and all the exercises and workouts are the same for each person.

2. Lack of program-Crossfit instructors does not design a program to address each client at their own time. Instead, the instructors follow the routine posted in the website.

3. Lack of scalability-Crossfit does not give room to scaling down the workouts and exercises depending on the level of fitness. All the workouts and exercises are the same for everybody.

4. There is a high chance of getting injured-The The pace at which Crossfit outlines in their website is likely to cause injuries considering that some of these individuals are inexperienced.

5. There is no guarantee about the quality of the trainer-Several complaints have been made about the Crossfit trainers being inexperienced because the certification process is too lax and that is why there is an influx of the trainers in town. If some of these exercises are not instructed accordingly they may cause injuries.

6. High-intensity training-High intensity training is a con in the way that you are very new and experienced to these workouts and exercises and the trainer insists you should work on very heavyweights.

7. They have very challenging techniques-Some of the Crossfit exercises and workouts are copied from gymnastics and Olympic weight lifting therefore doing these exact moves might be a challenge to the inexperienced.

8. It may lead to toxic peer pressure-Crossfit may be very popular in the sense that it leads to a strong community but there could be some unsafe practices in the exercises and workouts that people get exposed to because of peer pressure.

9. There is overcrowding in the gym-Since everybody is meant to believe that Crossfit leads to a strong community, all the people end up in the gym and all of them end up doing nothing because there is a limited number of trainers and facilities.

10. Sessions can be rushed to accommodate time and people-Crossfit is about business and therefore they will rush their sessions to accommodate more people and compete with time.

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