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Pros and cons of Pre-Workout

When people are planning to get out there and give their muscles something to do, most of them go for straight coffee. Though, some others cannot tolerate two or more sips. There are many reasons why you will see people consuming caffeinated pre-workout supplements and other ingredients. Nevertheless, the main agenda here is to get ready for the workout. Though, pre-workouts have their own perks and benefits.



1. You get caffeine-Caffeine has actually been found to block pain in the muscles when you are working out. What this means is that getting caffeinated pre-workout supplement will have very many benefits. It works perfectly for a one-off race or an event.

2. You get more than Caffeine-Many pre-workout formulas that have a combination of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids. So, when you consume pre-workout formulas, you get B vitamins, creatine Monohydrate, and electrolytes which are good for the journey.

3. Improves Focus-Caffeine and other pre-workouts can greatly help you remain more focused and alert in the GYM. A recent study shows that consuming pre-workout supplements improves agility choice reaction performance.

4. Improves stamina-I bet you want to work out perfectly and reduce your chances of being hurt or injured as you lift weights. For this reason, a pre-workout will improve your stamina and greatly help you along the way.

5. Improves motivation-Working out and getting significant results needs a lot from your side. If you are motivated the right way, then I am sure you will keep up and eventually benefit.

6. Improves energy-You need energy before you get to the GYM or the trails to work out. A pre-workout will offer you exactly that. Most Pre-workout supplements have caffeine and other ingredients that give you a lot of energy to move the day.

7. Boosts your morale-staying at the GYM and working out for a long period of time needs positive inner energy. So, a pre-workout will give you exactly that and make sure you stay for longer.

8. prepares the body-Your body and mind should be prepared before you start weight lifting or running up and down the trails. A pre-workout helps your body be in a better position to take all the exercises you try.

Improved performance-In in most cases, a pre-workout will include taking some ingredients that can boost your performance. This is actually the reason why the majority of athletes take pre-workout supplements.

10. Speed up muscle recovery-If you had already participated in another workout, then you need supplements that will speed your muscle recovery. In that regard, taking pre-workout can help you greatly.



1. Dehydration-Some of the ingredients used in pre-workout supplements can greatly drain you. This can gradually make you dehydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches that can affect your performance.

2. High Blood Pressure-taking any type of stimulants raises your blood pressure. In most cases, people take caffeine which raises their blood pressure. At last, this can affect the way you perform. What this means is that you should consult your doctor to be sure which types of pre-workout supplements and stimulants you should take.

3. Insomnia. Every time you take any type of stimulants your sleep patterns can be affected. The fact is many pre-workout ingredients have high levels of Caffeine which can deprive your sleep. That means you are likely to lack sleep after you are done with the workout.

4. Prickly sensations-It may be a simple consideration but in most cases, you are likely to get a prickly sensation or rather a tingly sensation all over your body. This is actually the main side effect of many supplements used in pre-workout.

5. Dangerous to some extent-If you are considering pre-workout supplements, then you will be subjected to artificial ingredients that have sweeteners, colors, and flavors. Some of these ingredients can be very dangerous to your health.

6. Overstimulation-You may as well be overstimulated after taking some supplements. You can also be overstimulated after you take some pre-workout exercises. This means it can greatly stimulate your nervous system which is not right at all.

7. Addiction-If you are not very keen, you may be addicted to some of the pre-workout supplements. What this means is that in many situations, the caffeine in them can be your source of addiction.

8. Adrenal Fatigue-Here is another con of taking pre-workout to a whole new level. If for any case you will be taking some of the supplements, then this will be unavoidable.

9. Drug test fail-For athletes, it’s not very advisable to depend so much on pre-workout supplements because this can make your drug test failure.

10. Energy crush-This is the last con we are talking about today. Because supplements serve as a source of your energy, there is likeliness that this will cause more trouble.

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