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Pros and Cons of Krav Maga

Krav maga, was developed by lmi Lichtenfeld in the 1930s. It is a non-competitive self-defense and military fighting system for the Israeli defense and security forces. Krav Maga entails techniques from Judo, Boxing, Aikido, Street fighting skills, Karate, and Wrestling. It focuses on real-life situations to ensure safety in violent situations such as street criminals and gangsters.


Pros of krav maga.

1. Fitness: Krav maga helps people get fit, hence improving one’s general physical health.

2. Great cardio workout: Elevated heart rate and regular movement help provide an excellent cardio workout. This helps one avoid many heart diseases hence ensuring one life longer.

3. Self-defense and protection: Krav maga equips one with practical skills that someone might need in a violent situation. Krav maga is the only martial art to defend themselves while protecting the attacker from getting injured.

4. Boosts self-confidence.: Krav maga trains someone to overcome an attacker. The skills gained helps one to be mentally and physically prepared, thus improves self-confidence.

5. Prevention of attacks.: Krav maga also trains people on how to prevent attacks or conflicts. Besides physical workouts, one is also taught how to deal with friendship, the workplace, and family conflicts. This helps build and maintain healthier relationships with people.

6. Burning tons of calories.: Krav maga helps burn tons of calories. In just one session, one burns many calories because of the physical workout and body movements, thus ensuring one lives a healthy life.

7. Well-trained instructors: Krav Maga’s instructors are well experienced and attentive. Therefore, they know which parts of the human body to carry out a demonstration on. They are also keen enough not to challenge you with moves you know nothing about.

8. Increased strength: Krav maga also strives to increase one’s strength through the localized muscle movements.

9. Awareness: Krav maga heightens one’s awareness. It trains one to be constantly aware of the surroundings and be able to expect noumenal threats.

10. Improved muscle tone: Repeated combat moves such as punches and kicks in Krav Maga help improve muscle tone.

11. It has been tested: Krav maga is used by the Israeli defense and security forces, and for this reason, it’s therefore considered safe.


Cons of krav maga

1. Costly training: Krav Maga’s classes can sometimes prove to be costly. Classes are always offered to train a particular skill set. These classes are always offered in strict and concise sessions.

2. Nervousness: The training can be intimidating at times. The trainees might become a bit nervous because they are expected to act out real-life situations.

3. Extremely aggressive: Krav maga equips someone with self-defense skills, and some of the skills might be extremely aggressive than the society and law allow.

4. Too much confidence: Krav maga can sometimes make someone be extra confident, which is risky. It boasts one confidence, and this can put one in danger. During training, you train with people you know; they are also aware of the techniques, unlike the attackers who are in the streets.

5. Classes are difficult to find: Krav Maga’s classes are created for those who want to be taught a specialized set of self-defense techniques. This makes classes for those who want intense workouts difficult to find.

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