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Pros and cons of Yoga Therapy

Like Yoga, yoga therapy is one of the best training exercises one can have. The therapeutic benefits associated with yoga are endless. It not only build and strengthens your physical strength but also strengthens your mental capacity. We take a look at some of the pros and cons of yoga therapy.



1. Less time consuming: The beauty about yoga is that it does not take too much time for each session. It only requires a few minutes each day and your body and mind are relaxed.

2. Does not require complicated gear: Yoga does not require one to have complicated gear in order to workout. All one needs is a simple pant suit and no shoes.

3. It is a great workout: Like all other workouts, yoga is a great way to workout and burn those excessive fats that have accumulated on the body tissues.

4. It improves your brain power: Yoga has a way of making your brain muscles relax and hence gain the extra rejuvenation and power. It makes your brain relax and improve the brain power in the long run.
5. It is a great detox: Yoga is a great way to detox and get rid of those extra toxics that are unwanted in the body. It relaxes the muscles and gets rid of all those wastes that are in the system.

6. Natural therapy: Yoga is a natural therapy session that has numerous therapeutic benefits to the body and mind. It makes the body relax and also relaxes the mind.

7. Workout for the mind and body: Unlike several other exercises, yoga has numerous health benefits for the body and for the mind.

8. It is a stress reliever: Yoga is a great way to relieve the stress and pressure that has accumulated in the body muscles over time. This could explain why most people prefer to do yoga other than go for a massage.

9. Natural weight loss exercise: Yoga is much like the normal body exercises that are done. Those who engage in yoga over long periods of time end up losing a lot of weight because of the strenuous physical activity related to it.



1. Not ideal for everyone: Yoga is also not very ideal for everyone who may want to participate in it. It is not ideal for the disabled, for instance.

2. Ethics: The issue of yoga is also accompanied by the fact that there is the ethical issue associated with it. Some people have reservations with the methods used in facilitating yoga.

3. It can be hard to find the right fit: It is also very difficult to find the right match for you if you are looking for the right yoga trainer or instructor.

4. It requires time: Yoga requires you to set aside time to do it. Unlike other normal exercises, yoga requires maximum concentration which also means that separate time needs to be set aside for it.

5. It can cause physical harm: There is always the risk of being physically harmed when doing yoga because of the intense physical activity associated with it.

6. Availability: In most cases, it is a bit difficult to find an ideal place where yoga is offered or taught. Most people who may want to indulge in yoga have the challenge of finding the right partner or trainer and this may be a huge challenge.

7. It is costly: Yoga is usually a very expensive affair. There are very few people offering yoga and those that offer it charge very high prices for it.

8. That newbie feeling: There is always the feeling of starting out something new. This feeling makes one feel strange and this may be a demotivating factor for someone to continue.

9. It may cause injury: Being a physical activity, there is the risk of physical injury which may turn put to be detrimental.

10. Lack of qualified instructors: Apart from lack of ideal places to train, there is also the problem of people not able to access the right instructors or professional instructors.

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