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Pros and Cons of Chocolate Milk

Chocolate can be referred to as a contentious drink, it is one of the drinks that is loved by kids and parents all around the world they consider it for its sweet taste of chocolate and sugar. It is also rich in nutrients that are needed in our bodies. There are many parents, nutritionists, and educationalists who are very street and against the widespread consumption of chocolate milk especially among the kids but also there are a good number of parents and kids around the world who could not even consider shunning the delicious drink.



1. It is nutritious; chocolate milk is rich in Vitamin D, calcium protein, and potassium. The nutrients that are contained in the milk are also included in the chocolate milk, sugar is also contained in the chocolate milk, so when kids take chocolate milk they take all the nutrients in the milk.

2. Has an amazing sweet taste; everyone not even kids only does love the taste of the chocolate milk .some of the kids who do love the taste of plain milk, in such situations they can be provided with the goodness of milk by the virtue of chocolate milk.

3. Energy booster; chocolate milk is the instant supplier of energy when you are physically tired or even exhausted kids and even adults can drink chocolate milk and feel refreshed immediately. Its impact is immediate but also very desirable.

4. It is a great recovery drink; chocolate milk has a positive impact on muscle recovery, professional athletes and sportspersons are always seen carrying chocolate with them to consume it after the exercise, gaming season, or even after the exercise.

5. Reduces diabetes risk; the intake of milk and the dairy product is said to be associated with a neutral or reduced risk of diabetes and also a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease particularly stroke

6. Facilitates bone mineral density; due to that intake of milk is said to facilitate the density of bone mineral density hence not associated with the risk of bone fracture.

7. Protects against cancer; Intake of the milk products is inversely associated with the protective measure against colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and many more.

8. Reduce childhood obesity; also in the adult’s intake of milk or dairy products are always shown to be improving body composition and also facilitates weight loss during energy restriction.

9. Not associated with all-cause of mortality; intake of dairy products like milk has never been associated with the mortality rate, no death has ever been caused by the milk.

10. Always available; Chocolate milk is always available and can be even done naturally by the users using just milk and chocolate.



1. Lots of sugar; it biggest problem is that chocolate milk pertains to sugar whereby these loads of sugar are never healthy at all especially to those who are diabetes and even those who are at the risk of diabetes and also to the kids at an early age.

2. Not healthy for everyone; due to the sugar supplements that are contained in the chocolate milk, it is not healthy and also takes a lot of risk to the people who as diabetes or those who are at the risk of diabetes.

3. Can lead to hormonal problems; due to that, it increases the dependency on sugar that leads to hormonal problems chocolate milk or any flavored milk that contains a ton of sugar is not healthy at all.

4. It is not the most nutritious; due to its sweetness, the kids and the adults may consume a lot following it sweetness this may lead to consuming a lot of calories of which is not healthy to persons who are not athletes or do any exercise.

5. Leads to wastage; due to that chocolate milk is very sweet it is mostly loved by children and even the adults and when one can take a lot for a short period of time a lot of money will be spent on the purchase of the same.

6. Mislabeling; Major brands of chocolate milk don’t indulge in wrong labeling but there are formulas or addictive’s flavors and preservatives that are used often. Labeling and recipe or formula of ingredient are not included.

7. It is costly; chocolate milk is somehow expensive in that a small piece in the supermarket costs a lot of money.

8. Does not last for long; not even chocolate milk alone anything that is a product of milk expires so first and does not last for long in the shops.

9. Increases the risk of respiratory condition and allergies; Milk is a product of pro-inflammatory and mucus which may lead to respiratory problems and allergies.

10. It is acidic; milk contains acidic animal protein that leeches calcium from the bonesju, pus cells these do create a terrible imbalance in the body.

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