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Pros and Cons of Juicing

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Eating enough portions of vegetables and fruits in almost every meal contributes to health benefits. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of how many servings of veggies and fruits we eat each day and that’s why juicing sounds great.

Juicing involves extracting a nutrient-dense juice from healthy fruits and vegetables. The body can easily digest the juice and absorb the nutrients into the body. There are health benefits of juicing and this article will highlight the pros and cons of juicing to help you decide whether it is best for you.



1. Increase fruit and vegetable intake: Juicing ensures you all to take enough fruits and vegetables especially when you don’t have enough time to sit down and take a full meal.

2. Promotes absorption: Taking a juice of green veggies early in the morning will result in high absorption of nutrients into the body. Juicing breaks down fruits and veggies into a form the body can easily digest thus getting the maximum amount of nutrients.

3. Healthy weight: Juicing is beneficial in cases where you want to maintain a healthy weight with lots of vitamins and help reduce risks to diseases.

4. Lots of nutrition: There are a lot of vitamins and minerals found in the juice. If you find it difficult taking veggies like broccoli, you can make juice and still get all the vitamins and nutrients present.

5. Add variety: When producing the juice, you can add a variety of new types of produce. Your favorite fruits and veggies can make a healthy juicing.

6. Reduce bloating: If you always have a tendency of bloating after taking food, juicing will save you from bloating and any digestion issues. Juicing will give you same nutrition values you will get from eating whole fruits and veggies.

7. Convenient meals on the go: Juicing helps prepare your drink from your favorite snacks and take it with you everywhere. You can’t eat spinach and other leafy greens while on a car but you can drink the juice from those snacks everywhere.

8. Detoxing: Juicing is a good way of cleansing the body from all toxins although it may take time when juicing to reduce weight.

9. Easy to eat vegetables: Preparing a veggies smoothie is one of the easiest ways to eat vegetables.

10. Energizing snack: Taking the fresh juice from fruits and vegetables is considered as an energizing snack.



1. Added cost: Juicing requires more produce. You need an amazing volume of less water content fruits and veggies for you to produce enough juice. This makes you by more of these fruits and vegetables.

2. Increases sugar intake: Juicing may not be healthy as compared to eating whole foods. There is a high concentration of sugar in the produce. E.g. A single apple may have around 10g of sugar and using more than 5 apples to make the juice increases sugar intake.

3. Removes fiber: When you extract the veggies or the fruits through juicing, you lose a lot of fiber in the products. Fiber from whole products boost digestion and lower blood sugar levels in our bodies.

4. Time to prepare: It takes some time to prepare the ingredients, do the actual juicing and clean up the mess.

5. Wastage: Many people throw away the leftover juicer pulp. This can result in wastage and cause environmental pollution.

6. No satisfaction: Juicing from fresh produce is not as satisfying as eating the whole solid fruits and vegetables.

7. More calories: You may end up taking more calories from juicing which may contribute to weight gain.

8. Quality equipment: Using cheap equipment for juicing can introduce heat and oxygen which can destroy the nutrient value and enzymes in the produce.

9. Not all juices are equal: Not all juice extractions are equal and some may be thinned or filtered and others blended and can’t give 100% nutrients compared to whole vegetables and fruits.

10. Not magic: Juicing is not a magic elixir for boosting your immune system or detoxing. You need proteins and calories for the liver to remove toxins from the body and fiber to speed up digestion and elimination of toxins.

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