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Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are relatively similar to cotton and derived from Bamboo fibers; they contain rayon or modal fabric derived from bamboo fibers. There is various type of bamboo sheets which are used for various applications. However, bamboo sheets are considered sustainable as their source (bamboo plant) grows faster and doesn’t require herbicides and pesticides, and hence are cost-effective. In this article, we shall discuss some of the pros and cons related to bamboo sheet products.


Pros of Bamboo Sheets

Some of the advantages of bamboo sheets are:

1. Softness- Bamboo sheets are softer as compared to those of cotton. The material used in making the bamboo sheets feels like to the skin, making bedding more preferable. The quality of its softness makes one sleep better and even more comfortable.

2. Health-friendly- bamboo sheets are healthy. Naturally, bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which are vital in human health. These sheets are beneficial to people who are sensitive to allergies and other skin-related diseases since the sheets help minimize the amount of moisture in the bed and thus discouraging the trigger of allergies.

3. Durability- bamboo sheets are durable, and therefore they last long. In contrast with other traditional sheets, bamboo sheets are capable of serving for a long period. Bamboo sheets are made from long fibers, unlike other sheets that are made from shorts fibers. This makes the sheets stronger and thus less likely to tear. Therefore, it saves the cost of purchasing sheets now and then.

4. Bamboo sheets are un-absorbent- bamboo sheets won’t absorb dust from the surroundings or oil from your body. This property helps the sheet maintain its cleanliness for a longer duration of time, and it won’t become yellow and gray over some time. Thus, they will always appear brand new for many years.

5. Variety quality- bamboo sheets exist in different qualities. The quality of the bamboo sheet is characterized by the type of fabric or material used in making it. As a result of this, there are many qualities of bamboo sheets. However, as the quality of the sheet varies, the price also varies. The higher the quality of the bamboo sheet, the higher the price, and the vice-versa is true.

6. Variety colors- people have different tastes of colors, and therefore even when choosing a thing, they will always go for their favorite color. Bamboo sheet companies ensure manufacturing sheets meet the desires of their customers with different colors.

7. Eco-friendly-the process of obtaining bamboo sheets is eco-friendly. The bamboo plant doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides as it grows as opposed to the cotton plant. This helps in maintaining a healthy and clean environment. Also, during the process of extracting fibers from the plant, few chemicals are needed.
This contributes greatly to making sheets that are healthy for a human being.

8. Odor resistance- bamboo sheets contain antimicrobial properties and thus acts as a deodorizer. This property helps to kill and minimizes the bacterial-causing odor.

9. Thermal control-During the night; you are likely to sweat and wet the beddings. Unlike other sheets, bamboo sheets can reverse this situation as they act as the coolers to the body.

10. Stain resistance- Bamboo sheets made of viscous are 100% free from stains. If they got stains, it is much easier to wash and remove the stains than other sheets. This helps to save in the long run and avoiding stain-removing chemicals.

Cons of Bamboo Sheets

1. Expensive-the initial price of obtaining a bamboo sheet is higher than other sheets of different materials. Its never-ending advantages propel this. Thus, only a few people can afford to purchase and maintain it.

2. Wrinkles easily- wrinkling is a major downside of these sheets. After washing, bamboo sheets are capable of wrinkling easily. However, ironing the sheet, the wrinkles can be removed; this widens the process of cleaning bamboo sheets.

3.Require more attention and care- if you wish your bamboo sheets to last for a longer time, utmost care is needed. During cleaning, special care should be observed; cold water is mainly used to clean bamboo sheets. These care measures may seem to be difficult at first.

4. Prone to pilling- pilling is when fibers of a given thing start to become loose and may form small balls on the end of the material. Bamboo sheets are prone to pilling over time, and a pilling shaver must maintain and keep this condition under control.

5. Variety types- as discussed earlier, bamboo sheets exist in different types. However, this may be a great challenge as it may lead to confusion. All bamboo sheets are softer and comfortable and thus making it even more confusing. This may pose a challenge when differentiating one type from another.

6. Washing instructions- unlike other traditional sheets, you need to follow some specific washing instructions to live longer with bamboo sheets. However, washing bamboo sheets is not that hard as only hot water and bleach agents are discouraged.

7. Chemical processing- obtaining fibers is not natural as chemicals are required to extract fibers from a bamboo plant. This makes the process somehow expensive and unhealthy.

8. cannot last forever- bamboo sheets can’t last forever; they tear and wrinkle with time and need to be replaced. This makes them less cost-effective as they lose value with time.

9. Not common- due to competition from other sheet-making companies, bamboo sheets are not widely known. This limits its development and uses among people.

10. Low production- bamboo sheets depend directly on bamboo plants for their production. Thus, the shortage growth of bamboo plants results in low production of the bamboo sheets. Also, bamboo plants are grown in a few parts of the world, and thus it becomes a challenge for bamboo sheet companies to increase their production since there is a lack of raw materials.

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