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Pros and cons of anarchy

The term anarchy is derived from the Greek word arnarchos which means without authority or the absence of the rule of law or a settled government. Anarchies are said not to adhere to the international law which imposes direct constraints on the behavior of states, in part because there is almost no way of enforcing it. In the absence of supra-state power, there are no enforceable rules of conduct. Basically, anarchy is the lack of enforceable international law and comes along with violence and chaotic ways of settling disputes. In anarchy states or conditions war is a normal thing as it occurs daily. There is some positivity associated with anarchy as well as negativity.



1. The negative elements that bind people together are eliminated. If a group of people shares a common disgust, they are likely to be bound together and form a partnership. Well, anarchy gives people the option of creating their own path and believing in their own thoughts based on how they analyze their own perspectives, experiences, and how much they tolerate matters. People become passionate about the future and not want them to do not like it.

2. Anarchy encourages discussions and cooperation to find a common solution. In anarchy, every opinion has to be heard and all given the same attention. When people come together to rally behind different opinions, the opinion that has the majority of the people is deemed to have won. It is a better way of governance because people get a chance to choose what they want.

3. It makes people happy in a world that has little to smile about. In anarchy, you are given a chance to choose what makes you happy. You do not have to sit and wait for a miracle to happen for you to be happy, get up change the narrative, and make the world a better place than makes you smile. The first priority is yourself and you do not have to worry about what the rest of the world is doing. You go for what you need.

4. It gives room for individual privacy. In most places today, several entities are in pursuit of people’s personal data ranging from their birthdays, how much they earn, and even what they like. In anarchy, each person is entitled to his or her own privacy, and if someone tries to change that you have the power to take action.

5. The complexity of the world at the individual level is respected. There is some sort of beauty in how complex people are in the world. This has to be respected and anarchy does it because it is not against individuals, unlike the other structures that give respect according to how useful an individual is to society.

6. It adds creativity to the problem-solving process. In anarchy, it is upon the people to resolve their problems and differences. By giving the power of problem-solving to people, some of the solutions derived are unique and not even a formal government can generate.

7. It rejects elements of guilt or shame that are tied to definitions of morality that cannot be obtained. There are two elements that hold people from exercising their full potential and they are shame and guilt. Anarchy gives the people the chance to control their own definitions of morality eliminating these elements.

8. No taxes to be paid. The burden of paying taxes would be relieved from the people because the anarchy system compromises all the structures that would be used by the government to collect taxes.

9. All people are equal. By eliminating all the hierarchy structures equality of all the people is realized. No one is entitled to oppress the other because all the people are on the same level.

10. The country would not be split along the political. In anarchy, there is no politics because of the abolishment of the hierarchy structures therefore the people would stick together since there is no politics to divide them.



1. It creates a barrier to leaving abusive relationships. In anarchy, there is so much violence in putting a point across. It is a system that works by putting some people at a disadvantage for the betterment of the few. The few who are privileged abuse the other people so their opinion can be accepted. It is not ethical.

2. People confuse it for a form of socialism. People who do not practice anarchy tend to confuse it with socialism. What anarchy is all about is a self-fulfilling desire to put something together that works for you at a personal level without the interference of the other people instructing you on it. It is often confused with communism but it ignores and rejects the hierarchal structures of communism.

3. People that support anarchy have different definitions and understanding of what it really is. Every person has a different definition and understanding of what anarchy is and what it is all about. The problem ensues when a group of individuals that have the same definition of what anarchy is come together and attempt to enforce it to everyone else. It has a problem because each individual has his or her own definition of the term anarchy.

4. It requires real-world experience to make it functional. You have to pursue the idealism present in the anarchy world. There are several written books that can give a person a glimpse of what freedom that anarchy encourages. An individual’s motivation is what drives the system to work. It is not dictated what you will do for the system to be functional.

5. It creates isolation. There is a possibility of making plenty of friends while practicing anarchy and there is a possibility of finding yourself alone also. People that are not so tolerant of differing ideas are likely to find themselves alone in anarchy.

6. It creates followers just like any other form of societal control. Most people that see a future world that they will be in control of themselves are likely to fall in love and even idolize anarchy. They throw their support behind anarchists and emulate them.

7. It can be overly ambitious. In anarchy, no one is required to be on the same page when dealing with societal issues, the top priority is personal needs rather than a group, community, or national needs. There is no representation of the large communities leaving them vulnerable.

8. Anarchy is often romanticized. Anarchy is mainly about fighting for your needs and the interests of your loved ones. The idea of anarchy is very different from reality and when people learn this they flee away from reality because they do not want to work and make things happen.

9. No government services. Anarchy eliminates all the structures of the government and gives people all the powers. If the power remains with the people it means they won’t pay taxes and therefore no government services.

10. There is no punishment for crimes. People committing crimes in anarchy systems are likely to walk free because there is no law limiting them and there is no one to enforce it. People are left to deal with their problems and solve them.

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