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Pros and Cons of Being Short

Pros and Cons of Being Short

Short refers to the human height, which can be perceived to be below typical. In medical terms, short stature defines an adult height as more than two standard deviations below the population’s mean for gender and age. This factor can be attributed to genetics, poor diet, mental health, or pre-existing environmental factors. Being short is not a disability. It has several advantages, as discussed below;

Pros of Being Short.

1. Physical advantages. One of the best perks that short people enjoy is the physical prowess to maneuver faster in reaction time and accelerated body movement, proportional to their body weight. They have stronger muscles that come with greater endurance.

2. Reduced chance of getting injured.

Studies show that short hips are less likely to break their hip bone, wrists, or arms from falling.

3. Increased life longevity. Studies conducted by the World Health Organization (1992) showed that short people are likely to live longer than their taller counterparts because bigger bodies have more cells and tissues subject to damage or wear.

4. Reduced risk of contracting some diseases. Thomas T. Samaras and associates (2004) published studies that showed that short people have a reduced risk of contracting cardiovascular disease. European studies also showed that coronary heart diseases increased as the person’s height increased.

5. Increased adaptation toward negative impacts on the environment. Studies show that taller people weigh heavier, increasing their resources. Short people are likely to use fewer resources and cause a lesser population and exploitation of the environment.

6. A perfect sense of balance.

Short people develop a great sense of balancing by learning to balance the distance between their feet naturally.

7. Looking younger.

Short people enjoy the perk of being able to look younger than their age.

8. Fewer back problems than taller people because of reduced strain on the back.

Cons of Being Short.

1. Underestimation by taller people. Short people can be victimized as being seen as weak and less powerful compared to their taller companions. Studies show that when running for a political seat, the taller candidate is more likely to win than the shorter candidate.

2. Insecurity and lack of confidence.

Short people are likely to have less confidence compared to their taller counterparts. They are most likely to feel insecure about their height.

3. Earning less.

Studies show that short people earn less than the taller population, which translates to reduced income.

4. Trouble reaching top shelves.

Grabbing something from the top shelf becomes troubling since you have to climb on the kitchen counter.

5. The clothes are too long.

Another challenge is to keep visiting the tailor to adjust the clothes.

6. Stiff necks

As a short person, you constantly have to look up when talking to taller people; this most likely results in stiff necks and the discomfort that comes with it being immersed.

7. Victim of bad jokes.

People are most likely to make fun of short people, which could hurt your esteem and confidence.

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