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Pros and cons of human rights

Human rights organizations are dotted all around the world. These organizations play an important role in ensuring that human rights are protected all over the world. The priority of these organizations is to ensure that no people are abused or mistreated without access to justice. Below are some of the pros and cons of human rights.



1. Protects people without laws: Human rights are a means by which people are protected. They are able to reach people who are not governed by any laws. To this end, it ensures that people who are at a disadvantage of accessing justice are able to do so regardless of their location in the world.

2. It improves democracy and leadership: Human rights play an important role in improving the democratic space within a country. It ensures that no human is subjected to any form of abuse whatsoever and that there is no government that mistreats its people.

3. It helps in eliminating misuse of power: Human rights also helps in eliminating the possibility of misusing power by the people who wield the most power in the country. By doing this, people are able to get the best form of justice.

4. It protects the common man: Human rights are a means by which the common man who may not be able to access normal justice in a system largely considered rotten is able to access justice nonetheless.

5. It cuts across the world: Human rights are applicable throughout the entire world. The services of human rights organizations are applicable across all jurisdictions because human rights are universal.

6. It has no boundaries: Human rights know no boundaries. Regardless of the exact location of any human being on earth, human rights are accessible to that person and apply to them and many others around the world.

7. It cements dignity to all humans: Human rights are a means by which humans are able to access justice and have their rights as humans protected. By doing this, it helps in cementing the dignity of all humans in all corners of the earth.

8. It ensures everyone gets equal justice: Human rights ensure that everyone has equal access to justice regardless of their location in the globe. This also means that everyone on earth regardless of their status in society has access to justice.

9. It allows people to exercise their rights without interference: Human rights play an important role in allowing people to exercise their inalienable rights without any form of interference from anyone.

10. It guarantees freedoms to all and sundry: Human rights is a sure way of guaranteeing freedoms to all and sundry.



1. It is unable to protect everyone in all circumstances: Human rights are rights that are given or are natural to all humans by virtue of being humans. However, this is not always the case as some people may not always get the justice they deserve.

2. It is usually misused: It is not uncommon to find people misusing the fact that they have natural human rights that must be protected at all costs.

3. The protections may be biased in some cases: The application of human rights is not always fair across the board. Some people may find biasness in the way they are treated in relation to other people.

4. Enforcement is always a challenge: The enforcement of human rights across the globe is always a huge challenge.

5. There are rampant human rights abuses that go unreported: There are several human rights cases of abuse that go unreported and which leave the affected persons without any form of justice. This makes them lose the meaning of human rights.

6. Many governments see human rights as challengers and not partners: Many governments may fall into the trap of viewing human rights as a threat to their reign and not as an added advantage.

7. People misuse the privileges of human rights: it is very easy for people to misuse the privileges that come with the human rights that are natural to humans.

8. Governments don’t take a firm stand on human rights abuses: Most governments fail to take a firm stand on the abuses that are meted out in violation of all human rights and their possible definitions.

9. Lack of adequate resources to support the course: Most human rights organizations lack the resources to enforce human rights and defend them as they are supposed to.

10. There is no clear threshold on what constitutes abuses: There is no clear definition or threshold of what really constitutes human rights and what meets abuses and what does not.

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