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Pros and Cons of O Negative Blood Type

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A person with blood type O negative can help individuals with other types of blood in emergency situations. It has universal blood cells which can be transfused to almost all patients who are in need. About 6.6% of the world population has people with O negative blood.

Emergency vehicles and helicopters always carry O negative blood since there is no time to ask questions from the patient. It doesn’t contain the Rh factor nor has A and B markers.

This article highlights the pros and cons of having O negative blood type.



1. Strong immune system: People with blood group O negative have a strong immune system and are thinnest of all other blood types. O blood type individuals live the longest of all other blood types.

2. Safe for new infants: The red blood cells in O negative blood are safest for transfusion to new infants with an under-developed immune system.

3. Universal donor: O negative blood type can donate blood to all other blood types making it a universal donor.
It gives a chance to live to all accident victims and transfusion to all patients in need of blood.

4. Personality traits: O negative people tend to be competent, loyal, self-confident, and above all very passionate. They are associated with leadership qualities and are highly innovative.

5. Not rare: O negative is not a rare blood type as perceived. In fact, in some countries like the US, A negative, B negative, AB negative, and AB positive are rarer than the O negative.

6. O negative inheritance: There is no antigen A or B in O genes (alleles) and their mostly referred to as silent alleles. Blood group O has neither A nor B antigens in the red blood cells but have A and B antibody in the plasma. This makes it possible for Parents with different blood groups to have an O blood child. E.g., the Parental blood of A and A can have a child with O or A blood.

7. No Rh factor: O negative blood type has an Rh-negative factor which is an additional marker in the blood.

8. Healthy eating: Type O negative people who eat the right diet based on blood type and the healthiest and can have a strong digestive track with a diet with lean proteins and less wheat.



1. Rh Incompatibility: An Rh-negative pregnant woman with an Rh-positive fetus may experience Rh incompatibility if proper measures are not taken. You also need Rhogam shots during pregnancy to avoid complications in your second pregnancy.

2. Relatively uncommon: Although it is a universal donor, if you’re O negative you can only receive a donor with O negative blood. It is only present to every 1 out of 15 people.

3. Shortage: Increased use of O negative leads to a shortage of blood supply compared to other types of blood.

4. Strongest stomach acids: O-negative individuals have higher levels of stomach acids and are exposed to medical conditions like ulcers.

5. Imbalance in immunity: O negative blood group individuals face inflammation from foods such as dairy products and wheat. This triggers an imbalance in immunity and weight gain.

6. No antigens: An individual with blood group O negative doesn’t have the three antigens (A, B, Rh) and due to the absence of these antigens, any other blood group introduced to O negative patients will result in an immune attack against the foreign antigen.

7. Thyroid disease: Type O negative blood has a high risk of thyroid disease which is due to the overactive immune system.

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  1. John M. Candido

    I am 75 years old and am a class 2 diabetic. When younger and pre diabetic I regularly donated blood. My blood type is O positive. I was given a special donor card and when I asked why was told that I had negative antigens and my donation was broken down into parts. Don’t understand if I have O positive blood why I have negative antigens in my blood?

    Can you explain this to me.

  2. Harry Meeker

    I have done a research in the past about blood group types and o neg as well as both about O B H ++ come into ploy what is the relative reason for this in blood grouping types in o B H- their is still a great deal of generational knowledge to learn about this when it comes to absolution please resend and clinical info you may have on this matter Thank you Harry D .!

  3. A Kielhurn

    I am O- with an Rh Factor. Everything they’ve written here about me – is true! I’m 63, female – with hypothyroidism and a very overactive immune system. Actually, I’m about to be tested for fibromyalgia. Also, I look at wheat and I gain 10lbs! Maybe had I known all of this earlier in life – I wouldn’t be battling weight and shingles after never having gotten chickenpox. In fact, I’ve never had ANY childhood diseases – with 10 siblings. I thought I was bionic……….but, I’m simply an 0- with Rh. Damn!!! There goes my terminal uniquism!

  4. Jana

    what do you mean by Rh factor? All o-negative have no RH factor at all.

    1. Dana

      No mam just because u are o- that does not mean u have the rh factor my mom is o- with no rh factor and am rh negative please look it up on google or other resources people think all o- have the rh factor and that’s simply not true!

    2. Bob

      Most Rh – individuals actually do have most of the Rh factors. The Rh factor is a large grouping of antigens. People who are classified as Rh – are usually just missing the Rh D antigen. It can obviously differ. You may be missing more than one of the Rh antigens. People who have absolutely none of the Rh antigens are referred to as having an Rh null blood type. This is extremely rare.

  5. Jade

    If you are O- you dont have an RH factor and yes technically you are “bionic” so smile you are special yes really special so known earlier you could have taken greater care of your super self and no illnesses would be popping up now ..get well and help your super body fight …smile

  6. Martin Stewart

    Hi I’m 0 neg 69 years I have been with several people who were tested positive for covid 19, some became seriously ill each time taken the precautionary measure to have the pcr test which was always negative, my belief is that if your immune system is in good order then automatically your body creates antibodies to stop any infection.
    My grand childeren some have been infected with out symptoms Please explain thank you

    1. Mark

      Because the virus is transmitted by a person who has type A or B, you as an O-neg person, have antigens that recognize the blood type before any immune response to the virus. O type blood has that advantage to protect you from the virus. Your grand kids have an abundance of natural or innate antibodies that protect them. Us old people have a lot less. Hope that helps

    2. Marina

      That’s because the tests have an extremely high rate of false positives. A jackfruit testes positive. They are not accurate. Also there is no such thing as having Covid without symptoms. That has been proven by science that you won’t read in the mainstream.

  7. Stephanie M

    I am 31 and O- and lightly researching these things. As a child I was the “sickly” one, constipation problems, fainting – vasa vegal syncope, pneumonia and bronchitis frequently. I have had joint pain since about 7 years old and come to find out have been suffering from early onset rheumatoid arthritis and possibly early onset dementia. However, in the past 3 years I haven’t even had the sniffles and hoping my memory problems are due only from my high stress. Anyways thanks for sharing, I just wanted to put out there what I’ve dealt with and if O- might have anything to do with these matters.

    1. Lori

      I have many of these issues as well.

    2. Jenna

      I am O-. I grew up with constipation and headaches. I had thyroid cancer in my 20’s. In my 40’s I found out that wheat was causing all my problems. Within 3 days of taking wheat out of my diet I was a new person and my digestive system started working properly again and daily headaches/migraines were gone. Taking dairy out of my diet helps even more. Gluten and dairy cause inflammation. Inflammation causes disease. There are links to gluten and rheumatoid arthritis .

  8. Alex Kielhurn

    I am 63 with O- blood and an RH factor. If anything – I’ve been the healthiest woman alive. Never get sick and always share my blood with those in need.

    I find it strikingly odd that some need to focus more on their own such-is-life rather than aknowledge what they have to offer humanity. Kinda sounds like a mask issue. or – as they say…..the “right” not to wear a mask as nobody else really matters much to some anyway

    1. Anthony wandowicz

      That means your O positive

      1. Elaine

        Why did you say she is 0 positive? I thought people that were 0 negative were the healthiest. Were you being humorous by saying positive because of her good health?

    2. TimothyD

      I am inspired with your comment. I am going to have a chat with my doctor to see if I am acceptable to be a regular donor. I just turned 63 and have some health issues, but I am a generous man so I am ready to step up to that humanity plate.
      I wear a mask and don’t understand anti vaccers. This country mandates many things, like seat belts, speed limits, blood alcohol and guns. Hello America, and welcome home…

    3. Marie

      I give blood because I have a blood type that is good for emergency situations. I have friends terrified of needles or other reasons for not giving. They find other ways to help humanity which I cannot. I don’t judge them for not giving and I don’t find myself more virtuous because I give blood. We are all virtuous in our own ways, most of us quietly.

    4. Oh PLEEZ

      Dumb comments about the mask.. Go to another forum. Gotta always be political right? Gotta get that comment in, right?

  9. Anthony wandowicz

    I’ve seen 2 people say they are O negative with an th factor.. I get it your in your 60s and they didn’t teach this type of stuff in school. RH simple means positive or negative. So for example I’m O negative blood which means RH is negative. Now if your O positive than your RH positive. You can’t be O negative and an RH factor meaning rh positive.

    1. Scott

      Exactly. No monkey genes in O neg blood.

  10. Jjj

    O- and I never get sick! Well once I got the flu when I was twelve, I’m 35 now. My wife and kids are all O+ and they get sick all the time! Is it the RH factor or just a fluke?

  11. Marie

    I give blood because I have a blood type that is good for emergency situations. I have friends terrified of needles or other reasons for not giving. They find other ways to help humanity which I cannot. I don’t judge them for not giving and I don’t find myself more virtuous because I give blood. We are all virtuous in our own ways, most of us quietly.

  12. Steve

    I’m not sure why it is necessary to put in comments about anything. This should simply be a question and answer forum to help us understand what issues there are with each blood type. It was good to hear some information about 0- thanks

  13. Carol S Hefner

    I have O- blood and have reached the age of 85. Never thought of it as a “special” condition until listening to a discussion on late night radio. It was very interesting, as has been my reading of the information here., and I do
    have some of the traits. The one thingI I have always tried to keep up are the visits to the Red Cross Blood Bank..
    Have just completed 18 gallons. Not a “big deal”. There have been some gaps along the way

  14. Dave

    Most of this is b.s. Is it not a special condition and does not give you any general health benefits or immunity. There is one study that shows O- blood MAY have a 16% lower risk for serious COVID illness/death. There is NO evidence for most of the rest of these claims. If you think O- blood gives you super-immunity. You are stupid. There are a few specific health issues where O blood type may have higher risk, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. None of this carries over to more general health statements.
    Having O- blood means you are a universal donor, so give blood if you can. That’s about it.

  15. Scott

    Exactly. She’s got me confused.

  16. Scott

    I’m O neg. Other than malaria and dysentery in Africa, I have never been sick. I am 54 and look pretty good compared to my peers. I do exercise regularly with weight training and biking, take my vitamins, limit wheat and have eliminated dairy. Covid doesn’t scare me in the least. I plan on living to be 120.

  17. InstaBioIdea

    I have o negative blood type. Thanks for providing that much information.

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