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Pros And Cons Of Amazon Prime

Since the entry of Amazon into the market, a lot has changed in terms of buying and selling commodities. Amazon has grown into a big online economic block that seems unstoppable. Amazon recently introduced an Amazon prime offer. Under this plan, one pays for an annual $119 membership. One can also choose to contribute monthly. This plan has received a warm welcome in most parts of the world. Though not present everywhere, it’s being expanded in various cities and towns to extend the wings of service. Amazon Prime currently has approximately one hundred million subscribers globally. So what is AMAZON prime? Amazon prime is a service or offers given by Amazon to its members at a cost and one that provides two-day free shipping, prime day discounts, and access to instant entertainment like movies and videos, music, TV, and photos. The benefits of Amazon pro include:



1. Offers instant videos: Amazon prime video service is usually accompanied by discounts. For sure in many countries video content has much value to many households who may plan to watch on TV, palmtops, laptops, and desktops. With this service, subscribed members get affordable access to wide video content. This might cut expenses for those who may have bought these services at a higher price. It might also be good for those who might want to explore another video content provider.

2. Offers free shipping: Amazon prime grants its members to receive two days of free shipping if they are active customers of Amazon. Those who love buying Amazon products online will have the largest advantage to take home. It`s worth noting that Amazon offers a variety of products that its members can purchase.

3. Enjoys large membership: Another advantage that Amazon prime prides on is its large membership. It currently hosts approximately one million subscribers. This is kind of following and warm reception is not an easy one to achieve.

4. Shipping is fast: Amazon products are quickly delivered to its members subscribed to this service. Amazon delivery is available in most countries and cities hence a pro to the members.

5. High-class products: Amazon has partnered with great companies and firms that offer a wide range of commodities. Anything that one needs is available and of high quality which may not be the case for ordinary customers who do not use Amazon.

6. Amazing offers: Amazon prime gives its member’s discounts and saves them many dollars. This is very significant in the economic world today as its members are usually privileged to enjoy these benefits.

7. Access to prime music content: Members also enjoy listening to millions of hit songs from all over the world. This music content is accessible on any device that has access to the internet. One also has the liberty to customize his playlists to favor his or her preferences.

8. Offers Twitch prime for game lovers: Addicted gamers will feel at the place when subscribed to this service because it offers to exit computer games experience with less or no disturbing ads.

9. Offers prime photo service: Members have the priority to store and access an unlimited number of photos without fear of costs. Storing photos is absolutely free for members and offers other photo utilities like search functionality for a better end-user experience.

10. Access to great deals on Kindle: Readers get access to many offers on Amazon’s to kindle library where they can read e-books from the many books available or borrow one free e-book each month that has no due date. Members also acquire one e-book pre-lease every month.



1. Increased prices: over the years Amazon has been increasing its fees on customers. The price was initially 99 and is now at 119 dollars. This may suppress the pockets of subscribers.

2. Lower quality videos: Amazon video quality is no match for other video content providers like Hulu and Netflix. This is a huge limitation on video content enthusiasts.

3. Faced with privacy issues: Due to the largest integrated network of buyers and sellers, malicious people might have access to critical confidential data.

4. Buyers get addicted to buying useless stuff: Members may be encouraged to buy commodities that they do not actually need due to the ease of purchase and delivery. Others may buy more stuff to earn discounts and are benefits but in return more spending by subscribed members.

5. User Testing may be difficult: It`s difficult for a person to test commodities that are online, unlike testing items that are physically available in a shop nearby.

6. Music access is limited: The music access is more costly compared to Google play music. The access in Amazon prime is also more limited compared to other providers.

7. Amazon services are absent in many cities: Many cities in the world lack Amazon services as it’s yet to reach. This is a demerit as many users cannot fully access Amazon In some countries

8. Only favors active members: Big benefits are usually only enjoyed by those who use Amazon constantly or regularly when making purchases.

9. Over-reliance may cause the downfall of local businesses: If users become heavily on online purchasing and selling, local economic units suffer most in a country due to reduced customers.

10. Encourages the spirit of spending: Commodities are advertised online with enticing offers that attract subscribers to purchase certain commodities unwillingly. To benefit from prime one has to be a real spender for Amazon services.

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