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Pros and Cons of F-Commerce

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F-commerce is a term used to describe Facebook commerce and it focuses on developing storefront site and e-commerce content in the Facebook platform.

Facebook evolution has enabled businesses to utilize F-commerce to create a storefront with add-to-cart buttons for generating business leads.

The following Pros and cons help you determine whether Facebook commerce is good for your business.



1. Customization: Facebook application allows you to customize your storefront personality with your own images and videos.

2. Generate traffic: There is a lot of organic traffic on Facebook you can tap into. Through Facebook ads, you can generate a lot of traffic to your business and drive sales.

3. Direct interaction: It allows direct interaction with the consumers. If consumers want to confirm something, they can easily contact the seller through the Facebook and clear any doubt.

4. Targeted ads: As a marketing technique, you can create different Facebook Ad campaigns targeting a different audience. You can experience with a variety of Ads and removing low-performing Ads in generating leads.

5. Analytics: On-site suite for analytic reporting will help you know how your followers engage with you, the time they mostly engage online and even their location.

6. Access to information: Facebook allows you to update your page regularly with fresh and valuable content. You can use the page to engage your audience and showcase your business in an easy and accessible manner.

7. Fewer clicks: F-commerce allows consumers to shop from your Facebook page with just a few clicks. Consumers don’t leave the social media platform.

8. Promoted posts: You can use promoted posts to reach a large audience and generate more sales leads. These promote posts appear as sponsored story at the top of your followers and friends newsfeed.

9. Link Facebook to your website: To take the advantage of search engine optimization, you can publish content from your website directly to your Facebook page with just one click. Shared posts are linked back to your website resulting in high traffic to your website.

10. Promote business growth: Facebook gives you an option to obtain more new clients and referrals to your business.



1. Payment and shipping: F-commerce offers less payment/shipping options to consumers.

2. Spam post: Although communication with customers is of great importance, sometimes you can receive undesired comments and spam posts.

3. No accurate measure of accurate impression: You may receive a lot of likes for your Facebook page but you can’t use it to determine how many people accessed your posts or the impression the post has on them.

4. Time and resources: To build brand authority require a lot of time commitment and resources to grow your Facebook page. You need a dedicated person to monitor all posts.

5. Reputation management: You need to put reputation policy in place especially if you’re having a big f-commerce shop. You will receive a lot of positive and negative comments from consumers and you need to address them to enhance your reputation.

6.Difficult to catch people’s attention: You need a lot of creativity to catch people’s attention on Facebook. You need interesting content that attracts your audience.

7Advertising cost: The advertisement costs are a bit high and you need to have a reasonable advertising budget to succeed in Facebook ad advertisements.

8. Skills: You need to train the staff who will be maintaining the Facebook page and this is an added expense to your company. The staff should be able to create content, respond to inquiries and complains effectively.

9. Unethical practices: Business owners may buy the ads in order for their product to make it to customer’s news feed.

10. Short attention span: F-commerce success depends on the regular posting of content and if you don’t post then users will forget you. You need to be committed to interacting and posting fresh content regularly.

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