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Pros and Cons of Dropbox

Since the introduction of dropbox, many people have now found it a little easier to share the file in a much more convenient way. While some people’s lives have been made easier with this magnificent software, others may have reservations in equal measure. Below are some of the pros and cons of dropbox.



1. Easy interface: Dropbox has a relatively easy interface that not only makes it easy for the user but also makes it smooth for any new user who might want to use it for the very first time.

2. 16GB Free storage: In addition to Dropbox giving you the capability of storing your files online, it also gives you an additional 16GB of free storage space to add to what you already have.

3. File syncing: Dropbox has made it easy for the users to be able to sync their files across multiple platforms, which also allows them to be able to access the files from wherever they are.

4. File sharing: In addition to that storing files, dropbox also has the capability of sharing files between different users.

5. File versioning: Besides sharing files, it is also easy to create multiple versions of the same file to allow the file to be viewed in different environments.

6. Selective syncing: Dropbox also makes it possible for users to sync their files selectively. This means that users can easily choose what files they want to sync and which ones do not require syncing.

7. Edits documents online: Unlike other storage platforms, Dropbox also allows users to access their documents online from wherever they are and then edit those files in any environment. This makes it easy for the user to edit documents on the Go.

8. Deleted file recovery: Once a user deletes a file from the storage facility, they may be able to recover the file at a later date. This gives the user some level of flexibility that is not available in other storage platforms.

9. Downloads and uploads: In addition to uploading files on the storage platform, it is also possible for anyone to download those files at any given time.

10. Web and mobile version: Dropbox also offers various users serious flexibility in that it comes with a mobile version and a web version of the same. This allows different users to be able to access the storage platform from any device they may be using.


More Pros:

11. Very convenient. Convenience is everything when it comes to applications. I can assure you that you will not face any major issues when using dropbox. For starters, this application is simple and quite easy to use. All you have to do is connect to the internet to access it. You can also opt to download the app on your smartphone or PC. Afterward, you can access the application and download or upload files.

12. Reliable. When I say it’s reliable I mean the files will always be available on the devices you stored them. If you stored the files on the computer or smart device then that’s where they will be any time you want to access them.

13. History feature. This feature allows the users to find previous versions of the files they had created.

14. Digital downloads. With this feature, you can have the newest version of a file without necessarily changing or uploading any files into your server. This makes everything easier.

15. No extra charges. Some applications may claim to be free but after you subscribe and start using them you notice that some hidden charges emerge out of nowhere. When you use dropbox there are no such issues.

16. You have the chance to increase storage capacity without incurring costs. If you need extra storage space for your files but don’t have the money to pay for them, dropbox offers you some free options. For instance, you can opt to send fan mails on Twitter about dropbox, invite friends, family or acquaintances to join dropbox, or connect your dropbox account to social media.

17. Backs-up files. Well, if you are looking for an easy and secure way to back up your files, you should consider using dropbox. They will not get lost or damaged and furthermore you won’t have to pay any money.

18. Accessibility. Once you have installed the app, you can access your files at any time that you want and on any device. Even when offline, you can still get access to the files that are saved. The best part is that dropbox updates all folders automatically each time you save a file.

19. Mobility. The reason why you will like dropbox is due to its mobility factor. You don’t need any external devices. Your files are kept in one location. You can access them from any device including iPhone, blackberry, iPad, Android devices, and your computer.

20. Secure. All your files are secure because dropbox encrypts its content for security purposes. When you transfer files, they are protected using SSL encryption. On the other hand, your stored files are under AES-256 protection.



1. File Location: At times, the lack of specific tabs can make it difficult to locate older versions of files or deleted copies.

2. It is not absolutely free: The service is free for the first 2GB of storage, and you can earn extra space by encouraging others to sign up. After that, you need to purchase space starting at $10 a month.

3. Collaboration: You can add notes and such to a document but you cannot edit in real-time.

4. Can be slow at times: Downloading from, uploading to, and syncing with Dropbox for Business is a bit slow. You often have to wait several minutes or longer for your files to appear.

5. A search feature needs improvement: The “Search” feature of Dropbox is not powerful enough, especially if you have a large amount of data. This makes file organization much more important.

6. There is no refresh: The navigation could use a refresh to make file retrieval better. The current setup makes file retrieval a bit more cumbersome.

7. Lacks folder security: The current dropbox security feature doesn’t allow folder locking. This means that each of the folders can be accessed at any time as long as someone gains access to dropbox.

8. Price: Minimum $75/mo isn’t exactly a big deal, but for what we need it’s a bit much. Could use a lower-tiered option because honestly, nobody needs unlimited cloud storage.

9. Security: The transmission is SSL-encrypted no doubt but they could do better with TLS if they are not already using that. File security is very important when it comes to cloud storage.

10. Limited: Besides the basic functionalities of dropbox, there isn’t any particular feature that is outstanding with dropbox. Much more needs to be done when it comes to functionality.


More Cons:

11. Customer support is in a way lacking. The only way you can reach out to their customer support is by sending an email. There are no other options provided. As much as it’s only a minor setback, it can be an inconvenience to some people.

12. Your information may be deleted if your account is inactive. The dropbox developers may delete information on a free account if it has not been in use for a while. Hence, if you leave stored documents on dropbox and don’t log in for several months, it’s likely you won’t find that information later on.

13. No private encryption. This means that only the dropbox developers have the rights to the encryptions. The users are denied access to private encryption.

14. There are some issues with file versioning. What happens is you are allowed to share files among multiple users. When two dropbox users are editing a certain file simultaneously, dropbox only recognizes the file that is saved first. This means that this file will be the only and main version. The other version from another user is not saved and hence it’s lost.

15. Inability to upload folders directly. You are not able to upload folders directly onto the web app. If you must do so then you are forced to follow along and tedious means.

16. Designed to work with limited folders. If you have so many folders that have to be synched, you might want to consider another application. Dropbox does not work well with so many folders.

17. May is not great for business. Dropbox is available for business purposes however many people are often skeptical about it. For starters, it is not completely secure, and vital information might end up in the wrong hands.

18. Slow to regulate data access. In some instances, companies that use dropbox complain of data loss and even theft. This is because dropbox does not regulate the access and management of data. Files can easily be deleted or shared without dropbox keeping a track of people responsible for those actions.

19. Lacks the metadata functionality. This is a very important feature when it comes to filing storage but unfortunately, a popular application like dropbox does not have it. It lacks vital information such as the date a file was created.

20. The software. You are forced to download the application on all devices if you seek to be granted access to files locally but on multiple devices.

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