Pros and Cons of Xfinity Mobile

Comcast, one of the largest America’s cable TV and home internet providers, launched the Xfinity mobile wireless services for its mobile users. Xfinity mobile is a wireless mobile service built for the people who have signed up for Xfinity residential internet. It provides home internet and phone services to subscribers.



1. Fast data speeds: Mobile users are able to benefit from Verizon’s 4G network. This provides faster streaming of videos and faster downloads at a speed of 40-70 Mbps.

2. Cheap: If you only intend to use Comcast mobile data, then Comcast pay-per-gig services may be cheaper compared to signing up for the traditional pre-paid or post-paid services. This saves you a lot of money per annum.

3. Wide coverage: It offers international roaming services to more than 200 countries. It operates as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) on Verizon’s 4G network nationwide. Its wide coverage makes it the most preferred internet service.

4. Flexible plans: It offers a cheap and flexible plan for subscribers. You can easily switch the data option from one plan to the other.

5. Unlimited text and talk: The gig plan allows you to obtain unlimited calls and texts for as little as $12 per month. The unlimited plan is cheap compared to other carriers and provides up to 20GB of data at a speed of 4G per line at a cost of $65 per month.

6. Reliable internet: Xfinity mobile uses Verizon’s network which helps offer reliable data services to its subscribers.

7. Wi-Fi hotspots: Subscribers are able to obtain Wi-Fi access to over 16 million Comcast Wi-Fi hotspots in the US. This ensures all users are able to obtain strong network connectivity.

8. Great customer service: You can place a phone call to the customer service at any time of the day and get all the support you need.

9. Free services: Xfinity mobile comes with free 4G LTE data and those who use fewer data can get free cell phone services. They are only required to pay $2 to $3 for taxes and fees.

10. Video streaming: Xfinity mobile allows you to connect to an available Wi-Fi hotspot and experience HD video streaming instead of using the normal standard-definition quality.


1. Handset limitation: Your older smartphone cannot work on Comcast’s Xfinity mobile network. You will be forced to buy a new smartphone from Comcast.

2. Throttling: Xfinity introduced throttling to its data streams and limited users to 480p resolution. This affects the streaming quality and some time your device may fail to stream.

3. Available for Xfinity customers: Xfinity mobile services are available only to those who have already signed up for the Xfinity residential internet. There are various plans you can sign up for based on your needs.

4. Data speeds: Once you hit the data cap of 20GB, your speed is reduced or gets deprioritized to 1.5Mbps on downloads and 750kbps on uploads instead of the normal 5-12 Mbps on download and upload speed of 2-5 Mbps. This slows down your internet access.

5. Limited Wi-Fi calling: The various plan options offer limited Wi-Fi calling capabilities.

6. Standard streaming: Xfinity mobile-only offers you standard video streaming options. It has a limited speed of up to 600 kbps for those with unlimited data plans. You may also experience buffering when streaming videos.

7. Comcast operations: If there is no Comcast in your area, then you can’t access this mobile offer.

8. Expensive for the family plan: You may end up paying more if you have a bigger family compared to other mobile carriers. Major carriers offer discounts for family subscriptions.

9. Costly handset: It lacks low-priced Android phone options; therefore be prepared to pay more for a Comcast handset.

10. Limited phone options: It only offers one phone option to customers at a time and no discounts are offered to customers.

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