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Pros and cons of sling TV

Sling TV has stayed in the market for a while. The TV has several channels which are not available on other cable TVs. For this reason, it makes the TV more attractive. However, there are several problems accompanied by it.



1. No contract: Most cable TV has contracts. Sling TV is not locked in a contract. Therefore, you are allowed to cancel early if you are willing. If you do such on other cable TV you will have to pay the early termination fee and disconnect fee.

2. Cheap: According to research, the cable TV bill is about $120 per month. The price of the device is something that people review before buying. If it’s cheaper than others, it will get more buyers. Prices are lower because of sling use antenna for local channels.

3. Channel packages: Sling TV has several packages with different channels inside. The cost of the package is connected with an exclusive and popular channel. For example, sling TV orange is the cheapest and has basic cable. Secondly, it is the sling TV blue that has streaming networks and basic cable. Lastly, sling TV All has all channels. Nonetheless, it cost twice the Sling TV blue.

4. Versatile price: The cheapest sling TV is called orange; you pay $25 per month and access over 30 channels. This package has popular channels such as comedy central, CNN, food network, cartoon network, Disney, TNT, and TBS. the next is Blue and it is the same price as orange. However, it has different channels such as BET, USA, FXX, and NatGeo. Sling TV all is $40 per month. This package has all channels available in the first lower packages.

5. Apps: Sling TV has free applications that are found in any device. This includes windows computers, gaming devices, android, and ios phones. Some are even pre-installed in smart TVs. This is a great advantage if you do not own a media player.

6. Free trial period: First-time users are given a free trial period after buying the sling TV. For this reason, it is vital to be sure how something is working before payment. It is simple to get the trial, search for then click to watch free for seven days. Just follow the guidelines carefully and enjoy your free trials.



1. Paying dish: Using sling TV means supporting a large company. You will be paying up for the dish. The television has an inbuilt dish that you will still be paying.

2. Not available overseas: Sling TV is not available in countries outside the United States. Therefore, you cannot access it when you are not in the states. Some services such as Google play music, Netflix and Amazon can be accessed outside the USA. This becomes a great advantage for a wide range of users.

3. Freezing and buffering: Sling TV requires a similar internet connection like the one you use on Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Nonetheless, most users complain about freezing and buffering. Others decided to ditch because of the major disadvantage. This is why you are supposed to check for free trials. It will make sure you do not pay $20 to $ 40 on something you will not use.

4. Pre-determined channels: Sling cannot offer the channels you love in one package. They are already categorized in one package. It could be great if you were to select channels and make your package.

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