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Pros and Cons of YouTube Channel

You can create a new personal channel using your Google account and be able to like, watch, and subscribe to other channels. A YouTube channel allows you to create an account and have a public presence on YouTube.

If you have a business brand, you can create a YouTube channel to help you market your brand and connect with your customers.

A YouTube channel is very essential for personal and business use.



1. Embed videos: All videos uploaded to your channel can be shared by others. YouTube channels allow other YouTubers to embed the video onto their website or channels. This enables you to get additional views and exposure.

2. Creative outlet: YouTube channel can be used as a platform to share your passion, interests, and topics that can impact lives.

3. Boost your public speaking skills: Having a YouTube channel helps you learn new skills and it improves your public speaking making you a better speaker. It helps channel your creative self and make you have fun as you engage others.

4. It’s fun and satisfying: Making a video is fun and super satisfying seeing how your followers watch and engage with you through the comments. The more people watch it the more you get satisfied.

5. Be your own boss: It allows you to work from anywhere and whenever you want to. You can generate revenue from the videos uploaded.

6. It’s free: To create or open a YouTube channel is free and anyone can open his/her channel and choose a category s/he needs to focus on. Although you have to pay out in order to produce good video and distribute unique content.

7. Monetize channel: You can monetize your channel to make it a source of income. Post original and engaging content for your subscribers. Try to better yourself and your growth will be exponential.

8. Get channel analytics: YouTube channel gives you the opportunity to explore behind-the-scenes information. You can know the country where your views are coming from, the percentage video length your viewers watch.

9. Consistent online identity: People will be able to easily find you on the social medium, be associated with you, and trust you more due to your online presence.

10. Include links to your website: YouTube channel allows you to provide links to your website or to add content directly to the video page. These links can promote your website value and build your personal brand.



1. Very demanding: Once you start uploading videos, you have to work hard and be consistent. As your product brand grows, work becomes very demanding and you have to keep up with the demands.

2. Little control over video distribution: You can control the distribution of your content in the YouTube medium. The channel is free and site visitors can click on a YouTube link and watch videos as if they’re watching from your site.

3. YouTube channel can draw attention to your competitor’s content: YouTube aims at proving consumers with the content they want to see. Any competitive content in your channel will be displayed on your site while someone is viewing your video content.

4. Low view count: You may have low views of subscribers and some negative comments and this may make you feel discouraged.

5. No guarantee your content will be viewed by everyone: Starting a YouTube channel is not a guarantee you will get viewers automatically. You have to create engaging content and promote it on other channels for your target audience to find you.

6. Too much competition: If you choose a competitive niche, you will face a lot of competition. You have to present your point from a unique viewpoint and attract more viewers.

7. Require dedication: You need a lot of dedication, time, and commitment to writing the script, film video, edit the video, optimize the video, and promote the video which takes a lot of time.

8. Hijacking tags: Some YouTubers may hijack your tags to make their video displayed as related content. This can expose viewers to unwanted content and some audiences may think you support that content because it is displayed alongside your video.

9. It’s difficult: If your reason to start your channel is to get famous, then you will end up being disappointed. For you to succeed, you have to have a passion for what you do.

10. Digital footprints last forever: The internet never forgets and anything you post can be found at any time by anybody whether good or bad.

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