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Pros and Cons of YouTube

YouTube is a great platform with diverse content and better control. There are so many things you can watch from YouTube-like promotional materials, viral videos, tutorials, entertainment content, website information, and a lot more.

A lot of things make YouTube great but there are a few drawbacks, let’s look at them.



1. Educational video: YouTube has a lot of tutorials you can learn from. Some of the uploaded content is about something you never knew and through watching the video you can learn something.

2. New content: YouTube has new content all the time. Some of the YouTubers have an upload schedule where they post new content for their follows, you can’t go short of content on YouTube.

3. Branding out different mediums: YouTube can be used as a platform for creating podcasts where they interview celebrities or other YouTubers. Can also be used to create vlogs.

4. Collaboration: YouTubers can come together and create great content for their audience. Imagine your favorite YouTubers coming together and collaborating on a certain topic, the results are fantastic.

5. Videos don’t have to be watched in a sequential manner: You can decide to watch a certain video clip or not or just forward a clip to the specific part you’re interested in. Unlike a TV show which you have to follow from beginning to the end.

6. Free: There are a lot of insightful videos and instruction manuals you can access from YouTube for free.

7. Marketing content: YouTube can be used to create viral content which is aimed at generating traffic to a business. It is an essential tool for marketing your products.

8. Available on every device: You can access YouTube from any device, there is no restriction on any device or operating system. You can access it through any web browser and mobile apps.

9. Learn different cultures: Watching content uploaded by various creators all over the world can help you learn a few slang about a certain country.

10. Source of entertainment: YouTube can act as a source of entertainment for your whole family. There are plenty of movies, TV shows, Music videos, and other entertaining content you can access on YouTube.


1. Lack of privacy: There is no option for specifying “specific user content” once you upload content anyone in the entire world can have access to it.

2. Inappropriate content: Although there are filters to restrict inappropriate content, some people always find ways to bypass them and upload inappropriate content for everyone to see like hate speech.

3. YouTube schedules: Some YouTubers have a schedule for posting new content while others do not. Some only post when they have a new idea making it difficult to determine when to expect new content.

4. Copyright infringement: Some channels copy and edit original content of other YouTubers and gain traffic to their own channel.

5. Quick fame: Some people use YouTube to get quick fame. Some people tend to emulate celebrities and rich and famous and this may tempt them to get involved in dangerous measures.

6. Too long or short videos: Some uploaded videos are too long while others are too short. Long videos are not a guarantee the followers will watch up to the end. A short video clip may not capture all the essential information leaving your audience unsatisfied.

7. Violence content: Some youths are recording violent content to post on YouTube. There is also other violent content posted.

8. Inappropriate comments: If you’re a YouTuber, you may get a lot of hate comments and criticism and you have to learn how to handle them. Not every follower will give you a positive remark on your uploaded content.

9. Get emotionally invested: You can easily get hooked or obsessed with certain content making you believe that the content creators (YouTubers) you watch are your friends because you feel you know them personally based on the type of content they share.

10. Lag behind: Depending on the number of subscribed channels, there is always new content that is always uploaded daily and sometimes you can fall behind if you don’t access your YouTube for some days.

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