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Pros and Cons of D- Aspartic acid

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D-Aspartic is a form of amino acid used to boost hormones levels and libido in men. Although the product may give you some health benefits, it has its drawbacks. It is advisable to consider the D-Aspartic acid (DAA) pros and cons before adding the supplement to your diet.



1. Boost hormones growth: D-aspartic plays an important part in the production of hormones in the human body. It has an excellent reputation for stimulating luteinizing hormone (LH), human growth hormone (HGH), and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

2. Energy levels: Taking d-aspartic increases your stamina, energy level as well as endurance. Athletes use DAA to boost energy levels and enhance their performance.

3. Increase testosterone levels: Consumption of D-Aspartic acid leads to an increased level of testosterone in the body. Taking Genomyx D-Aspartic acid can boost your libido and strength making you a healthy person.

4. Natural product: DAA is a natural supplement that results from taking certain foods and can be found naturally in the human body. Therefore, it cannot affect the functioning of endocrine organs like steroids.

5. Effective: D-Aspartic acid alone enables users to enjoy maximum benefit from the supplement timing especially during vigorous exercise. Users can also obtain long-term benefits.

6. Mix-ability and taste: The supplement can easily dissolve in water, juice, or even mix with your proteins for easy consumption. It has a benign taste.

7. Enhance memory: DAA helps in increasing neurotransmitters like dopamine which are used to enhance your memory as well as act as an anti-depressant.

8. Improves metabolic rate: Using DAA supplement increases thyroid hormone which in turn increases the metabolic rate.

9. Muscle growth: Bodybuilders knows that muscle growth makes them stronger, leaner, and healthier thus, they use DAA supplement to grow their muscles.

10. Less expensive: DAA is the most clinically recommended cost-effective method for boosting your hormones and testosterone levels.


1. Mood swings: Due to increased levels of testosterone resulting from DAA intake, some guys may experience mood swings. It affects your NMDA receptors which prompt mood swings and discouragements.

2. Side effects: Since d-aspartic does not have any aromatase inhibitors, it results in negative effects in your body like having prostate problems.

3. Testosterone disaster: With age, testosterone levels drop and this can cause other health issues. Increased intake of alcohol, having unhealthy lifestyle choices, and sitting for long at your desk can also affect this.

4. Lack of estrogen blockers: D-aspartic may result in the growth of breasts in men and aggravated prostate due to lack of estrogen blocker in the product. To get optimal results you need to combine the product with other supplements.

5. Lack of T-boosters: It results in inadequate t-boosters in the body, for example, the supplement lack vitamin D3 and Zinc. These vitamins and minerals play an important role in regulating testosterone levels.

6. Interact with other drugs: If you’re taking chronic condition drugs, you need to talk to your doctor before taking DAA supplements since they have a negative reaction to other drugs.

7Kidney and liver enzyme issues: If you’re having kidney or liver issues, taking the DAA supplement can deteriorate your condition.

8. Headache and stomach irritation: Taking a higher dosage of DAA may result in stomach irritation and headaches.

9. Psychological issues: It causes anxiety and psychological problems to some people who have been consuming the product for a long time.

10. Skin breakout: The amino acid in DAA can bring hormonal irregularities and sometimes you may face skin breakout or acne
effects in the body.

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